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Russ and Sully on the big fish. Oh, well, enjoying my new stretch for some Here's Russell Sully. Once again talking pig. Bring something. Drinks on the break with Coster. Damn u two Pink three. My wife's favorite drink is a boulevard A and I believe compare is in it, and it's got a very deep maroon. That's not a color of nature. I like it's the most bitter thing in the bar. There's a new sort of organic Campari drink called Bruto Now, which is the color of bark. Which is sort of the color there, But it was. It was originally as a digest. Steve O. Yeah, that, um, call me an analyst after that. Yeah, Exactly. But campaign is very bitter. I love come. Party soda. Yeah, it's my deal There is. I wish there it is. I wish it wasn't that color because they're used to you Highlights by the way, you're better safe now actually have more hair. Now I know. I know there was a freaking chipmunk. John Tapper. Is this a commercial? No, it was the actual Sort of the John Tapper bar rescue show, and it took place and saying, Look at that fat face, not day Pele. But I was going to say Dave Palese will be ticked. Let's look Third Chin. Let's go to the bar again. Where is that box mirror? Mesa right across from the bill. All right, You know San Diego. There's like three places. You wouldn't let your family who is coming from out of town. Go to mirror Mason. Not because it's a bad area because this is Mary Mason. It's like it's like going to You know, wherever, Whatever strip mall city you live in whatever. There's more strip malls in the streets, you know? And if you Sheboygan? Yeah. There you go. Okay, That's a sports. Well, yes. So, uh, something I hate to talk about, But every time I talk about get excited about NHL. Yeah, you kind of want to. You want to learn to love NHL? Can I try, you know, but then I get sucked in every time and I'm rooting for them watching it. I watch Nashville and Carolina last night in the playoffs. I know the thing is not to play offs with fans. Yeah, which is awesome. Well, it's Canada. You know what? It's like Australia. It was more people. You mentioned Canada. The NHL has said to Canada, We kind of need to know what your quarantine restrictions are. By June 1st because these playoffs are going on and they said, and they said this, they said, Uh, I was figuring out after this last Molson. We're not sure what it's all a boot, but we'll tell you. Yeah, so, um, that's going on. And speaking of the NHL, we all know it does not translate on TV. You got to be in person. Yeah, really get the nuances in the essence. But the Devils are the first pro NHL team. I guess that's a little redundant. Of course it's a pro NHL. Well, I mean, that's a real quick we have LeBron James as the face of basketball. We have Fernando Tatis Jr as the face of Major League Baseball. Aaron Rodgers would would argue or somebody in that of that ilk is the face of NFL Patrick Mahomes home. You may be better. And then, of course, we don't have a wing Gretzky anymore. No, I don't have a Luke robot. I anymore or you've got Alex Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals. He's kind of a really big names, Sidney Crosby said. The kid With the Pittsburgh Penguins, but unfortunately you have nothing against euros playing in the NHL or people from Sweden and whatnot, But there's such a huge influx. You tell him euros. I did was that not good because he usually say single grows on the brakes y way. Ease it down. Is that that Mexican doughnut thing That's real long. That's a sure. Oh, my bad, I don't think continue. You have some great players from European countries that have in the NHL. And so people just they don't make the connection like you know, Wayne, who grew up in Edmonton, right? And then you know, playing for a historic franchise like Edmonton, so it would be great to see the days of the Marty McSorley's the You know the guys that would You know the real enforcers that would go out to where it was chum with you. And you knew I'm going on. You wouldn't watch the game for a while. You just watched the sideline for when it was going to happen. And basically it was. It was a blindside train wreck. I need to go on the whole place. Looks like a yard sale Pretty much No. And and and the and the two guys, you know, we're going to fight with just skate to the face off circle. Just wait. You would just Yeah. And you're off that hockey game that hockey is gone. We're having right here. You know, we broadcast out of San Diego, California and we have the U. S open once again coming to San Diego. I know the PGA players love Coming coming here. Even it was for the farmers. Absolutely. Every U. S submarines, the farmers. They had the farmers in February, right? So refused the US office so and and what's interesting about it is if you go through the Tory plans right now they've been getting ready for this. As usual. The place looks great PGA Championship is this weekend was this weekend one of my favorite corners of the world. Kiawah, South Carolina. I was going to say out on the ocean course. I've been fortunate to gulp that. Course a couple of times that the Myrtle Beach area Myrtle Beach Hilton head. Um Kiawah Island is beautiful. It's with the PGA Championship. It's the hospitality like this. Are we Are we back to normal 75%. They have sold as far as you know, there, sweets and their shells and things like that, But we're well over 50% as far as the The galleries are concerned on the PGA Tour, and I think by the time we get to the U s open at Torrey Pines, we, you know, obviously, California opens up on June 15th. You'll see the massive gallery They stopped selling sweets and stuff there for a while. And Tory plans for the U. S open. And if they're open back up again, But document like candy? No, I don't think they still can't be that rough. Just broccoli. Yes, but But honestly, I think that there's They stopped selling tickets for a while because of whatever tier Gavin Newsom in the state of California as well and wasn't sure what it was going to be. And those who get snatched up like that, if not by private citizens, Corporations, people who want to move their clients and stuff like that. Come on, Russ. Okay, I got you guys look at you. Uh, last of all, um Will Aaron Rodgers play for the Denver Broncos? Will Aaron Rodgers play for The sandy a bigger part in L. A Chargers, not the only charges because they love Justin Herbert. Maybe the Broncos because they're still looking for it. He's leaving right there, saying he is leaving. He's like what is tired of the shenanigans. I'm tired of the being the good guy fighting my lip and then you draft quarterback. And then when I say you need a wide receiver you'd have to defensive person. The Raiders are a team that has the draft capital. Um, they they might go after. I have a question about if you imagine Aaron Rodgers. Yeah, the guy he was Aaron Rodgers, the Lone Ranger. It's only when it is the guy with the White hat versus snidely Whiplash Right now he's changing. Guards could use a Bay Area guys from cow. What happened to the guy who got his lung punctured on the Chargers that Memory. That's why Ryan Leaf and that was in prison. No, this other guy. The guy was their quarterback. Uh yeah. Started land. It is lying. He is now on the Uh, is he on the bills anyway? That intensive care floor? Well, I wonder if our guy their quarterback, and I had anything to do. Hey, Doc, don't you go like this? And I don't think you're in far enough there. Yeah, but anyway, that's why he got his job and he just took off And that's why.

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