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Super excited. We we had a really awesome time. And really the best part. I mean, we we really love hanging out together. But meeting so many great people and having so many people show up and come and see our show. It was awesome. And every night Darren, and I were like this is such a great thing that we got to do. So we've decided to add some more dates were coming to the west coast next month so super excited about a month ago. I went by so fast, but we did a bit of an east coast midwest leg a little bit of the south as well. And the show with you are listening in is is a is a mixed bag of sort of leeann is life. Whether it's stuff that we've done on Broadway or glee or some of our own records, and it's sort of this variety show us, but it's fun. Because a lot of the fan base is kind of really run the gamut whether you're a fan for just a music fan. So I think there's something for everybody. And so we get to bring that magic coast. Also, just telling crazy stories every night, and forcing people to listen to us. Talk to you. They can leave. What I think is great about it is that it's truly fun for you. And I think that people feel that it's not a it's not like you you need the job. It's a passion and fun for you guys. Have a lot of fun Deren? You know idea we always say like, I'm a very organized Darren is the total opposite of me. He is incredibly spontaneous. He loves to just have a ton of fun, and he really brings out that site to me. So when we're doing the show like I've enjoyed touring and performing even more with Darrin than I ever have in my life because he just helps me like take the pressure off and really just loosen up and have a great time. So I can't wait for these new tour dates, and we're actually going to be announcing some more dates we're going to also be going to two of our favourite countries overseas as well. I believe that that is going to be end of November early December. We can announce specifically where yet but that would be on Monday next week. We can I so you are a little more obstr-. Attract or it was funny. She's all these nice things about me. And so I did like what I say about leeann. Isn't that hard? You're like, are you more is it is it a punctuality thing or you just do you have the obsessive compulsive? I start getting ready for the show like four hours in advance. And like ten. Board shorts. He walks into my music. Eating right now. And I'm with warming up like stressing out like oh my God the show. Extraordinary diet that I that I would recommend to a lot of it's called the Darren interest eats all your food. Seals. He's lifting your I know when he's in my dressing room before the show, and he's like hanging out just a little longer than he normally does. I finally just like take the food. He's like, yeah. I was just like just waiting for you to. These two are not engaged. Just see, you know, if you're listening right now. But we're we're we're thrilled that you came by congratulations on your show. Senior Lee Michelle Darren criss tickets for the MDC tour one sale this Friday, ten AM and Ellen. Talkies next LeBron's tauruses in virgos. Your.

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