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The seventy fifth anniversary of the warsaw ghetto uprising visit oscar feldman president of the holocaust awareness museum in northeast philadelphia says well more and more holocaust survivors pass away each year there are still thousands of them still around who have experienced the horrors of the concentration camps firsthand if you a camp survivor why are you pretty much have to be in your late eighties at this point of hanover among them local survivor david tuck he tells me he remembers quite clearly the day he was liberated from auschwitz there's a rollcall was counting us more people the barracks and living runs tuck was on the brink of death at that time i was skinny seventy eight pounds from was fifteen years old he says it's his life's mission now to tell his story to students i tell them all the time it's up to you make sure it never happen again because they're gonna get two jobs they're going to pick on somebody else adopts kuznits kyw newsradio one of the news time one twenty five time for business donna wilson from bloomberg business you want stocks around as middle east war talks cool down down jones industrial average climbing three hundred twenty eight points to twenty four thousand five sixteen s and p five hundred up nine tenths of a percent nasdaq climbing one point one percent well the canadian coffee bar chain is a hot stock on the toronto exchange after second cup said it will converted stores and to pot dispensary tes concerns about facebook's privacy is taken a toll according to a tech opinion survey nearly one in ten americans have deleted their facebook account on privacy concerns while seventeen percent deleted the app from their phone about thirty five percent say they're using facebook less than they used to the cambridge analytica scandal which shared personal data on millions of users prompted cofounder marks aberg to testified on capitol hill earlier this week i'm donna wilson bloomberg business but kyw newsradio always twenty five fifty five after every hour he.

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