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About 8 40 on the latest on the Johnson and Johnson vaccine being put on pause for the time being. And, uh, somebody thinks it's a good idea for other people to pay off student loans, Other people maybe we'll get lucky. We'll see Drew's here in Kentucky. Yeah, drew. What's up? Trudy. So you know, when I was graduating high school around 2006, all my teachers and all my councils were telling me you have to go to college. This is the only way to do it and me not having much growing up and not realizing how money works. Course I took it. I got my degree. And since then I've become electrician's because marketing Justin Path for me, Okay on now, my wife and I we are having a very hard time moving on to, like, pursue the house. Now I'm not looking for a handout. Or am I saying that this is this should be done. But what I think is interesting is that people conceive of my generation were already having a hard time buying houses, so I'm kind of weighing Yeah, Yeah, people, my generation. I can't buy a house. If we were given some help to get us not dead, then we could purchase houses. Maybe in the long run. It could help our com e now. I don't know. I don't have a good answer for it. You know, I took money. I don't understand. I need to pay it back instead. Yeah. How much around? 50 fact out. Wow. But still to go to University, Kentucky. Stayed on campus. Yes, sir. And their ways to cut that back by going to the school locally and either, right? Yeah, I'm from Covington. I went Togut A. I worked the whole time I was there. I wasn't as responsible that probably should have been But again, you know, I'm not looking for a handout. I will gladly pay the money back over time. I just think that possibly it could help our common In some ways. I don't know that that question has to do with the future. What do we do to somebody who's graduating this year? And does the same thing you did for 40? Something graduated three years ago and they're gonna graduate next year with their 55. We can't do this every single year. Iraq. You're You're right. You're right. You know, Thanks for the future, I would help their education on college. And of course, like we always talk on the station pushing more for trades. When I was graduating high school. I never I didn't know I could do electricians, plumbers. That was not I was not given that option We've been told. That was something you could do to make good money. I always heard since the day I grow it like Oh, you don't wanna work with your hands. You don't want to do this. You want to work with your brain? On Daz. I grew up. I was like, you know, Well, that's kind of what I want to do. And so I went for it. And ever since then, you know, I could have been happier. On the education for that education about money. I think there are ways that we can better educate. Kids can have been going to school about what this means that if you take this bet what it really entails. Or you could start your own company and know how to market it. Very good. Yeah, Very true. Very true. Yes, sir. You have the degree? I mean, should we will tow employ it in some way, shape or form. Now I understand that the situation how much debt your wife have. She was right where I was worried about her. She went to med school and she just graduated. So he right now is about 354,000 in debt. That's amazing. Yeah, it really is. Hopefully, she makes a pretty good buck upon graduation. We'll see what happens if they're all right. Drew Best of luck. Thank you. Thank you, Betsy it it's a 30 got do the news because that's what we do. News radio 700 wlw traffic and weather news Radio 700 w L. Jealousy Cincinnati One of the vaccines in used to the U. S right now being.

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