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A doctor? Can I burn my two year old to our house in a neighborhood that has a pool a community pool? Obviously we're not touching any of the lounge chairs or anything but can I bring my daughter to the pool safely. If we're not touching you know we don't. We don't have any evidence that you know. Unlike something like polio. Back in the fifties or other water borne diseases that corona virus would be would be spread that way. The issue is this How likely is your kids to be in the pool and inhale water where I see people sneezing and coughing and water getting into their nose or mouth and they spit out into the water. How likely are you to come in con- into contact with that right away depends on whether the pools coordinated or salt water so? I personally don't think that's a great idea. I don't think it's very likely that you can sort of in a bubble walk into that community pool. Dunked yourself awhile in the water get out not touch anything not come into contact with anybody. I I just think. That's an avoidable risk factor. What are some of the best questions? You're getting what are the questions? Were not asking that we should one of them is just how serious. This is You know when you when you look at it Just two days ago in the US we had about thirty thousand cases. We've got almost fifty five thousand cases. Two days later we had four hundred dead. That's doubled in two days and I think people don't have a full appreciation that and this is a bit of a difficult concept but it goes this way what you're seeing now reflects events. That happened two to four weeks ago so we are not even at the peak of this thing yet so to begin talking about well. We'RE GONNA I. I've done this for two weeks. I'M GONNA start to relax. A little bit would be mistake because there is this two to four week lag period between people getting exposed getting symptomatic getting sick enough to no longer be outside or or expose themselves to other people and then finally have having to be admitted to the hospital. I think the other thing is this false notion. Younger people are not at risk. It's true that they're not dying. At the level people my age and older are but fifty percents of the cases in the state of New York for example are between the ages of eighteen and forty nine forty percent of the first twenty five hundred patients admitted to hospitals in the US. Were between eighteen and fifty so this this misperception that. I'm young I'm invincible. I'm not gonNA have any any particular problems. Just not true. How bad do you project this getting? Well it's really hard to know and I get asked that a lot in it gives me new of sympathy for the weather man but you know let me just give you the outside scenario. These are the speedy fees numbers. Okay not mind the CDC estimate is that if we do not engage in the strict social distancing handwashing everything we've talked about by December. We could have a hundred and sixty two. Two hundred million Americans infected with twenty one million of them sick enough to be hospitalized in two hundred thousand to one point seven million debt. So let's let's not fool ourselves. This is not just the flu. This is more serious than that. It is affecting People and being transmitted in growing exponentially it has not mutated in any negative way but it nonetheless causes considerable morbidity and mortality especially in the older people or people who have chronic medical problems. The one the one other thing I would caution against is you hear a lot of really Leaning statements about drugs that are being tried that worked in such and such disease etc. Please be really careful about that. These have to go through clinical trials before we know that they help and not cause harm just because the drug helps in one disease doesn't mean that it won't harm in another disease it has to be carefully studied first. Stugotz one last question for Dr Greg Poland. Yeah dock with all that being said and understanding the serious nature of. What's going on here? Should we be playing the Valero Open? Golf Talk I mean I don't I don't know a lot about that. I've hardly had time to watch TV or or hear any media. But I think the principle is this. You do not want to bring groups of people together where you're going to magnify and amplify transmission that we had all the founder. It's called Valero. It's like two of the top fifty in the world. I mean it's golf. We're not near each other. Give us your comfort is if you can maintain you know six to ten foot distance. Go for it yes thank you Dr. We appreciate the time all right guys. Thanks Duck yes. This is from Tiger King. Right here. I am told that it's lips thank you. We will get some facts on his documentary. We've got an expert coming on in ten minutes. Who really embedded himself in the life of all of these crazy people who are being featured in tiger king. Apparently this is a lot of lip. Synching though Mike Ryan and a lot of other people have been fooled by this guy. Singing voice wait a second. Yeah that's singing. Voice isn't coming out of JOE EXOTIC coming out of Joe Exotic. I refuse to believe then. Voice of an angel his lyrics define us in the next hour. We will find out why it is STU gods. His father yelled at him. And yes we will get to that in a little bit. But as I said we've been talking about this tiger king documentary. Put IT on the poll. Guillermo please at Lebatardshow did this thing. Not Get real for you until three hundred sixty five waffle house waffle house restaurant closed. But what are some of the things got you want to know because we've been talking about this Netflix documentary? It's about exotic animal. Owners big cat owners primarily and they're just crazy people crazy people we've never had. I think what's happening here is a lot of us are being enlighten to what this world is. And it's just basically the private zoo world and it doesn't seem like you can exist in and be any kind of sane. So what kind of questions do you want to know? Fr from this gentleman who has been immersed in all of these worlds for a while now and his super informed. Because we're GONNA talk to him in about ten minutes. Well I have to episodes to go so this could be tricky for me but I am interested. I want more information on this angel investor. And what happens with him? He apparently comes in to save the day to save. Joe EXOTICA I want to know if the EXOTICA EXOTICA an exotic erotica just did their Hashtag looking at him. Just looking at him. I understand why it is. You would arrive at that conclusion because he is as erotic as he is exotic right. I want to know if the animal reserve that wife. If she actually did kill her husband like Joe Joe Proclaim. She did many many times. They made a video about it. So I'm interested in that as well. Okay so again. It's it's part comedy and it's also about a murder attempt and possibly a disappearance as well that's next..

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