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Oh now, it's your turn. You wanted to create a new land. How would you do what would you need friends? Magic powers persistence whole lot dirt in a really big shovel. Find a piece of paper and trough three things you think you'd need to make your vision. Come true. Share your drawing, a friend or grownup? And then if you want shirt with us have grown up take a picture of your picture and Email it to circle round at WBZ dot org. This week's story. Turtle island was developed with Tova barracas and Stephan Richter at birth Rangers circle rounds, original music and sound design is by Eric Shimon. It's Sabina Han illustrator are intern is Gabby Murkowski circle rounds executive producer is Jessica Alpert. Special. Thanks to this week's actors James check, Steve low head Bill. How're Leigh Lawson? Right. Chase Rebecca Galarza and Suzie McGrath. You can hear ri- Rebecca and Suzy on the puny by Kobe Bryant available wherever you get your podcast and check out Steve Bill and leave also known as birth ranger Emma on earth, Rangers you can find a link to both podcasts on our website, WBZ dot org slash circle round, the featured instrument in today's story was the blocks. You can read about this member of the Russian family and see a picture on our website again. That's W B dot org slash circle round. Be sure to subscribe to circle around on podcasts, Stitcher or whatever podcast app you enjoy. And please review. We'd love to hear what you think of the show circle round as production of WB. You are Boston's NPR news station. I'm Rebecca cheer for circling around with us. Hi, guys, again, did you figure out which part I played? Yup. I was the valley muskrat if you enjoyed that story. Make sure to look for circle round wherever you get your podcast or a WB. You are dot org slash circle round. All the back soon to tell you all about the world's funniest animals until they keep on ring. Rangers. Jeez. Best robot ever dot com.

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