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People because in a way because if you think about i've always been an art is i've always been an abject artis episode twelve so i see beauty and people curious women men uh a lot of people use them i will say diplomatic aiming you five sexuality as a shield to come out at being like i like men to and really when they just like man i talked to women and men so it's uh i'm not using it as a shield people have be graded by sexuality in the gay community by using it as a shield i'm not that here do you consider yourself in lgbtq advocate yeah i am i i and i have to be because i think that black france people need it i definitely think that uh black people need it especially right now we need and one of the reasons why i want to come out as fi is because we need as many black men right now to live in bear true and to be truthful about who they are because if we don't have that i think we're lying to our kids a lot of them that are black and they're hurting in they're trying to figure out who they are as individuals and aims to know that there are people like low models beyond zone limits bad heart gay or by and are living their true did you ever have any oh my god moments where you thought that onto somebody else's time frame they would reveal that you were actually bisexual never um this was uh this particular outing was because i wanted to do this because of the reasons that i stated like really it to me it's very important that we understand that you know it didn't stop with with uh beam it didn't stop with ball wins it didn't stop with uh they are rust and uh we this goes back to africa for us and has been a part of colonizers trying to now lifted in turn into a.

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