Rebecca Nagel, Warren, Kennedy discussed on Morning Meeting


Tribe, and I have apologized for not being sensitive to that distinction. It's an important distinctions. It says American Indian that not being more sensitive to that distinction is at the power to which that is an infraction. I'd say maybe she wasn't as mindful as they still. Mindful insensitive don't seem to really cover. What it is. Right. She wasn't wasn't sensitive or she wasn't mindful doesn't seem to really represent what exactly went on there. And I mean, you know. Yeah. And most people seem to realize that I mean. It's not just and of course, this was all big bad Republicans who did this, right? This was all jerks who how dare they question this. And it's like, no, it's it's you know, this point people who are actually quite liberal Rebecca Nagel who is a Cherokee nation member. And is gay and has been actually very vocal critic of Warren. Although I'm sure she'd like to be able to support her is still really not happy with this whole wish I was more sensitive wish I'd been more mindful situation. She's like just say. You know, you you're not Cherokee nation that your family was wrong. When they when they claim to be any sort of Cherokee. Ancestry and make sure you explain why that's important. And and that was yesterday. She said that so it's also in some sense guys. When when a public figure has to apologize for something, and they always kick it off with if I've offended anyone the reason you given the apology because you did offend someone. And you attended a lot of people. And once they go there. It's like it's not that it's authentic. The apology the apology is there because they got caught. Right. It's exactly if I've anybody there is nothing really offensive that has happened. But if one of you misconstrued and more was it was hit, by the way, that's really on. You. I'm wide enough to be standing here in. I'll I'll take the blame for it. But. Sensitive enough as well. It wasn't sensitive enough to Kennedy's physical situation if.

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