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Me. I don't think this has been going on for a long time. We were talking about this for over a year. Yeah. I mean, I think she's been out of it. I mean, this is just me speculating, But when you're out of something for so long, and you're exhausted, I don't know. I mean, I think they've been physically separated, too, right? He's been in Wyoming from yeah, and I mean, Yes, He has a lot going on. But obviously that's not easy on her, either. You know, I mean, all the stuff that he's done publicly whether or not you know what the reason Woz, but, um, I don't know. So now we have to move on the rumors about Kanye. Okay, so Controversial influence Our Ava Louise, I think was the first person to make this claim now. I didn't want to take her word because she was the one that like the toilet seat during the Roman Remember her So Yeah, So I was like, I'm not believing what this chick says. She says she has a source that's trusted. But then, once she made this claim, a lot of things are starting to add up. Um So she says that Kanye is hooking up with Jeffrey Starr. Do you know who Jeffery Starr's? No. Okay, so I believe it's pronounced Are he and he is a makeup guru. He has songs YouTube influence on YouTube. Influencer. Very, very interesting. Um They're both in Wyoming. Kanye and Jeffrey are both in Wyoming right now. Very interesting. Very random. Jeffries. No. The family for a long time. People dug up a tweet from 2011 of Jeffrey saying at Kanye West last night was fun. There's pics of him with Kim. I mean, he's close with this family. People dug up a song of Jeffries called Bitch, please. The lyrics are 3303 told me Not to trust these hos. Blank blank, Kanye West. Now I'm one of the bro's and those blanks are an act that he claims that he did to Kanye in 2011. He's claiming this. Okay, so our fellow youtuber shared a screenshot of what he says is attacks between him and Jeffrey. He said, You know, like, Hey, what is all this going on about? You and Kanye and all he responded was well, I'm having so much fun in Wyoming come visit, So Jeffrey is not denying this. The biggest he of all is that yesterday. Jeffrey posted a selfie with the caption. I'm ready for Sunday service. Oh, my. He is surely feeding into this. Whether it's true or not kind Is that what is he thinking? The booty hole? Kind of.

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