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They're about to punch their name, reportedly planning to do it today. No word on what the NFL team will be renamed America's Listening to Fox knew. Good morning It's 63 at Alabama's Morning news with J T. I'm Leah Brandon. State officials have told cities and counties they're not allowed to require voters to wear masks at the polls tomorrow. Angie Norville has more when voters cast ballots tomorrow when the runoff election between Jeff Sessions and Tommy Tuberville, Secretary of State John Maryland Attorney general Steve Marshall say workers at the polls, Khun strongly recommend voters wear masks. But they cannot be required that goes against some areas of the state that require masks to vote. Probate judges in Jefferson and Madison County's decided voters have to wear masks to cast their ballots. I mean, gee Norville State Senate later, Del Marsh now having to clarify his comments about Corona virus. Aniston Republican coming under fire after saying he hoped to see larger numbers of infections. I want to see more people because we start reaching it in immunity. If more people have it and get through it. Our snail says he could have done a better job expressing himself, David Porcher choice the world words on my end, but the ultimate what I was trying to say, and people look at their very few choices we have awfully if there's no vaccine herd immunity is the only one I can think of is eventually gonna take wise. But the state health officer, Dr Scott Harris, says it's unclear whether herd immunity even exists for this virus. I'm Jim priority. Jefferson County, approving hazard pay for sheriff deputies and others. The county paying employees an extra $50 per day retroactively for the work that occurred when most people were under a stay at home Order and funeral arrangements announced for the Clanton mayor Billy Joe driver visitation today 4 to 7 PM at City Hall. The funeral taking place Graveside tomorrow at 11 a.m. Temple Assembly of Gods Cemetery driver died last week after a battle with Corona virus. He was 84. I'm Leah Brandon, and this is Alabama's morning news. Now back to your host. Here's J T. All right, Leah. Thank you very much. It is 605 Alabama's Morning news. Well, we're right around the corner for the big runoff tomorrow, Jeff Sessions and Tommy Tuberville in a run off in the first election. As you know, Tommy Tuberville lead Jeff sessions, but it was not enough, Teo, you know, Cinch it up. So hence the runoff tomorrow and a little bit later this morning. Yes, Tommy Tub of old joints, said 7 20 tomorrow, Jeff Sessions will be with us some sad news from Hollywood. Actress Kelly Preston as died. Her husband, John Travolta confirmed that she was 57 years old. Two year battle with breast cancer remembering Kelly Preston here. Yes, there was a lot of different, you know, acting a job she had had, including. You know Jerry Maguire. Remember her with Tom Cruise and all that. Let's listen to some clips. Water's warm. What was our deal when we first got together? Brutal truth, remember, I don't cry it movies. I don't gush over babies. I don't start celebrating Christmas five months early, and I don't tell a man who just screwed up both our lives. Oh, poor baby. That's me, for better or worse. I do love you. It's over. You have never been allowed. Listen to me, and you can't be alone. It's over. No one has ever dumped me. Sad news, 57 years old Kelly Preston gone Well, We're gonna be talking a bit more about the safety measures at the Galleria. We're going to hear from Jean Smith President Hoover City Council for implicating the mayor and also council member John Lyta. That'll be coming up here in just about 15 minutes. Also on the way Dave Ray will join his Federation of Immigration reform. To talk a bit more about what's going on at our border if Joe Biden is elected his immigration plan now granting 11 million illegal aliens said citizenship and also, you know it's been a while, but Southern border apprehensions are surging again. So we'll have the update on that coming up at 6 40 this morning, by the way, next, yes, Mork over 19 numbers going up Bill Zimpfer with latest for around our country in four minutes. Alabama's morning news news radio 1055 W We are see. Sometimes life is wonderful. And sometimes this isn't a grilled cheese I'm making. It's a melty masterpiece that deserves a kitchen worthy of greatness. Looks like my part is full of packages again. It also looks like my compulsive buying needs to change to compulsive saving, possessive here on this couch, I decided to make some changes. Starting with this couch. I'd love to be looking out my window at a.

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