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Because the brain that simply got time and space not think about the day today and subconscious go. They're wearing away at all. The folks be putting your heads. If you basically spend your day doing a number of different things play the violin for war guy for swim. Work those things and crete collisions come to the full Midnight so that. The thing about amin evans had about in the shower in the morning. Okay i guess that's kinda Not yet vote Way but you do we can. Why is because when you're in the morning time even love united sleep. Your mind is not full of the rubbish of the day is simply open to stuff. So that's the produce the brain releases. All the stuff has been playing around overnight. And that's when the idea is is so it's something that i just passionately believed to be the case. Why simple is because imagine this. I've been training in big corporations for about thirty years. And i just realized that one place where are not crazy was in the workplace. So it's like it feels like a filipino. A fraud for thirty years. That will waste time trying to be creative in the workplace. And that's why so ironically in. I know that we've had really bad in the uk like most The will but when when covid hit and all the sudden everybody was forced to work at home i sub Great civilising because i knew that creativity was working the workplace to work at home. There was all of a sudden this great opportunity to try to bit more relaxed and let your creative juices fled and the unfortunate thing is the big corporates when their employees work. From home. you'd have hooked able to just let them have some time to do the fun stuff on nothing local dot as they back it up with zoom back to back. 'cause it's not being the office really in theory in your best when you're at your mesh relax and jerry this little work. That's really fascinating. So this whole creative surge was poised for an acceleration and then stymied by the zoomed to tell run. Because i think the will happen. Is that again. The big debate right now of the uk is has locked down. Been good for people's creativity hasn't been good for the productivity and his two lines of thinking is the people's w must be back to work than the people think that we must have at home. But i where will settle. Be in this kind of hybrid territory. Which i think it'd be great a kind of a three two more or two three three. They were home and then with that. Got a better chance of having Creativity that you talked about. I agree with that. And the research that i've been coming across with regards to is work from home. Good depends on depends on where you sit in your life stage whether it's been good for you or not so the people who did not like it. The most and struggle with it the most were younger generation. So people in the early twenties who have not yet established their own permanent household and family..

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