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I mean like. Like. I think we're I don't know. I don't know I think more people in performance especially if they're like even a little good, just because it is like kind of like a hard thing to do, and they're so like public facing were quick to be like Yaas Quyen like. but it's I, you know. I! My like mailman is probably a better mailman than Noah Baumbach is a director like, but we just like. But like? I don't know. Just thinking aloud Wow Wow. I also have like a recently just been thinking about like standing, and like how it literally never ends well. Never ends about literally the point of the song. Stan is that it doesn't end well. We nevertheless. Nevertheless, we were like we spend like ten years being like. Yes, it's only good. And then we ended up with like celebrities, telling us who to vote for and thinking that was a good idea. This is all our fault or This podcast part of the problem. Is. Episode. I think it's like a good to you know. Question these things. That being, said I. Did spend like a lot of time this week. Looking at those pictures of Tim show on a yacht with that woman. Yeah, Guitar like I'm not GonNa like stop doing that by the time this comes out. They honestly could be allow. Oh, yeah, absolutely sure, probably publicly having sex with somebody. Of course that's. Crazy that that happened. Trap. Sorry to my my answer is No, I don't think he's an icon I think he's very smart. I think he's made a lot of really good movies. Yes, I think he's made. Some stinkers I've. Done things that are important. or notable in like film history. And should be commended. I'm looking forward to seeing what he credited with Barbie sure. Why not sure? Literally? Sure? Why not? Unlike. Listen like it might be incredible. Maybe so, but who knows I can't wait to see Barbie living in. Park Slope Going to her leg, copywriting job that isn't fulfilling like low key. If they end the McNeil Banger Barbie. That's about gentrification dairy actively. GO OFF! It is just going to be about like people being sexist. Barbie, though obviously Barbie, like I have it so hard and being like calm down means a beautiful, actually different type of sexism. Actually. It's so hard to be hot. And smart and have like five different jobs is actually hard to be a woman beautiful. It's really hard to be Margot Robbie. Did you really hard to be like the beauty standard for women? That's not fair. That's actually not fair. We celebrate. Instead. Go Off, thank you. Thank you, I'm ghost writing. Okay. How do we end these? Yeah I don't know. Can't like remember Edano. Oh yeah not really. I mean. I don't know if ever ended one by ending it. Well is this. Is this a new frontier for us? Should be dry. You know what Livia I. Actually have a room room. Idea okay. And I say. In honor of this and honor of this moment and making space. For. A burgeoning black in scene may be. Let's say how about we do have room. For Miss Regina Hall. Can we do it together? Yes, because okay, we need each other for this. Regina been doing any movies though Oh yeah. She been this. Oh, good and support the girl. She's so good support. The girls also do you remember people places Bay. Remember people places think she's got. She's. Remain clan climate gets it but Jemaine clement also gets it because he's like from new. Zealand, it's like a totally different thing that's. Of course if I have money and I get cast. Anyhow Casts Regina Hall. Let's get one minute on the clock. Okay. I've got one minute on the clock. Right wing CAST, infrared Gina. To to win her Oskar. Starting now. Okay I'm going to be brave and say it's for lead actress. I would also like that okay. I don't want it to be like historical at all. No, no no I think it should be honestly like lucky. She teams up with like a hot indie director like a pop, indie director or somebody. Like a really cool white woman like church helps her out. I do think fat who second cool white woman who could do it. Because that's also the trouble because I, mean we teach them up with Nicole? We definitely get her to indy spirits. I think I think we're we have to go is yet people people of you? How Little Women Lady Bird thing movies about women kind of like having a hard time, but I think like. If we if you make a movie about Pike, massage. Or whatever like a do think you could tee it up for like and a cat, but I also want her to be like fun. That's what honestly let seamer with the SAFDIE. Brothers I think this after. And the data me will feel bad about what's happened in the past, so they're going to book this to the Front. Okay, yeah okay, so we're getting in a full saftey adventure. Yeah, Oh, it's like a! It's like a caper. Yeah, I think it's like They've already done like diamonds like drugs I mean what if it's also about the police and like she's a policewoman, she's the policewoman. That's what yes. It's like also like mentally fucked because it's like you know safety like darkness. It's like as you're rooting for her. You're like realizing. She's the bad guy ten seconds. Okay? Okay, I think I. Think it's like her solving some kind of fucked up murder. Yes, A. Your saftey detected a Ha and then she probably realizes that like there's like some other cop. Involve yes, and leg so. Yeah affairs like okay, so let's wait. Hold on here, we go. She's also got a drinking problem. And, because also clemency shadow, Alfred Woodard who should have a nominated for stuff. They will get it. 'cause the times we live. We're past bio going I think it's a situation right? saftey dark murder fucked up murder. Almost kind of like internal affairs style where you think that she's rooting out the bad guy, but you realize that she's actually the one who's like the dirty cop, however, yeah. And it's also like she's a black woman, and so there's like scenes where she's walking by. You'll fuck twelve months. She has to deal with that so we've kind of are doing clemency again. But this time though fucking get it. I think that's an okay movie I,.

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