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And there is this article about how they're making digital imprints of holocaust survivors at this museum in the LA area. I think where they basically put a holocaust survivor in a room with like one hundred and sixteen cameras. I think it is. And they just ask them like thousands of questions about their experience. And it's basically in order to recreate like that person for future generations once like holocaust survivors have passed. Right. And like they're basically getting a full imprint of like every answer to every question that somebody might have. And you'll just be able to like sit across from a holocaust survivor like once they they've all passed away. So I I do wonder if there's like some technological version of this coming where we can date people who've been dead for years that you are great, grandchildren. They're like, I'm with a holocaust survivor. Right. Digital imprint. Right. That's why I'm in love with. Yeah. Yeah. Because in theory, if you've asked someone I mean, I guess they're just asking questions about their experience. Or are they asking them questions about themselves and their lives? Like, what do you think about Steph Curry's take on? Yeah. Because it's like in theory, if you really like sat someone down and ask them every possible question, then you could know them as like this hologram or whatever, right. Yeah. No. It's like wasn't there that that article? That was like the questions you ask to fall in love or whatever it's like some version of that. Right. But also that's crazy that they're doing that with holocaust survivors, so weird and heavy, but I guess it makes sense for posterity. You have this thing that it won't be like, you know, written texts can be vague sometimes or can be interpreted a few ways, and but to have someone like see them. Yeah. Answer the questions or whatever. It's crazy. Also that it's like, I'm sure there are holocaust survivors. Who are like I'd rather not set an answer every question. Yeah. They're definitely Inc. This was about one specific woman Schloss who was a childhood friend of Anne, Frank. And like had this really fascinating way that her life inter. Wow. Twined with an francs, and and Frank's father actually, married her mother after her father and Anne Frank's mother passed away. Yeah..

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