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So all of these technologies could potentially play into that. Then moving back to the triple lens camera system. The Wall Street Journal also ran reports saying that that feature is planned for a future model the iphone so that seems to cooperate. What we've heard before? And they are saying, however, that that triple in system might be exclusive to the plus model of the phones apple moving back away from the parity between the five point eight inch and the six point five inch. I phone the plus iphone and going to wear the smaller model would have a two lens camera system. And then the larger version would have the more premium camera, I would presume that's just because of the size of the device and fitting more camera lenses and technology in there. But that I think would be a little bit of a disappointment. They also claim that happen. We'll still have three phone lineup with two Oland models and an LCD model, but in that piece note that in twenty twenty apple could drop the LCD model altogether and the site slow sales of the iphone ten are just overall kind of Luke role, Luke warm. Response to the iphone ten are as possible reason why apple wants to move away from LCD? I don't know if I buy that. I think they had planned to move away from LCD all along just a matter of the technology getting down in price to where it makes sense to have on the more affordable affordable model of the iphone. So I think that was a trend that was going to happen, regardless. But looks like that might not happen in twenty nineteen probably gonna have been in twenty twenty. They also say though, that the iphone ten are the CD model could be updated with a dual lens camera system. And again, if they're going to do the triple ends only on the plus model that kind of puts things in a little weird position. Again, though, I guess we had that before when we had the iphone seven with a single camera and the iphone seven plus with the dual ins.

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