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But it's crazy that you came in the day brokers you'll one or two people and you just like us we're talking about excuses and how they are no excuses you know and and and I was starting off to tell people about how Assad is mean about. How a group of people were talking about it in have anybody in their city or an in your state that supported them and then I saw somebody under them name off ten different people and then me and Scott started talking about how you have artists? And they're not in that artists dies then. Everybody spend a million dollars only album and talk about how dope and prophetic they were. But you didn't do shit when they were alive. Live right and then not only. Did you not do anything while they were alive. You didn't go and find somebody who was like that person and give that person success. I the top people like the process of complaining. You know I even think about politics addicted to it. People want to talk about and I think you should go out and vote. Don't get it fucked up but you think another man or another person's GonNa fall out of the sky and it's GonNa make your life better and they're not what that was the set of day that's how you can't fifty slaves little penetration with five people control because they had people looking somewhere else instead inside themselves. That's the Dang on what what they did it black people people so far to this point in this country man we all look for the outside solution. Solution is within us. You know what I'm saying voice. That knows when I see my brother walking down the street. That's is not my enemy. That's my brother. We breed each other such instead of looking at each other as a predator. Somebody that could take some say some positive step brother. We gotta start micro steps steps like that. I four and you know I love the way we all speak to each other and how we are how we all buy with each other. You know what I'm saying and I and I watched being in those rooms with Curtis that's good too. Oh Dope and your car in out. Yeah so yeah I need this. Everybody ain't got a note that you get. I need this call. hydration ration- now could hydration drink is absolutely. I like an another thing based on what you were saying. When you see somebody else's success like somebody that core is one of the best mixes on his planning instead of hating on Corey? See that Corey was the conduit to show you that you can actually do it too so instead of hating hating on trying to get like oh I did. A post is easier to hate on a motherfucker down to come into our work. And that's the thing you can sit back and say oh this this person thinks. He says that his person thinks he's nobody wants to go through the struggle that Corey went through to get to where he is right. Now you see this you think. He's finished polished engineered and pop out the woman. I'm that way. I bet he had a lot of hungry motherfucking nights. Yeah but they don't want that part they just WanNa Corey. You think. He did what he is this fucking neck because he fucking drives got his that old Marie any saying everybody wanted to go to heaven but nobody nobody want to die. You see what I'm saying so it's a lot of people especially in our business. They put the horse before the carriage and a lot of ways to you. You WanNa you WanNa beat David Banner before you slept in your car. You don't want that. Yeah you WANNA YOU WANNA. You wouldn't want that depression. You don't WanNa sleep deprivation the beard. We don't want to be a lot of steps that you don't.

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