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Say what you do about run soldiers and asked the question eight as a simple question to us for me from my point of view. Because i think you mentioned before you know. People run brought some success to the full book slow zave to be designed to be recognized by the football in a big way. Nothing chairman as far as i can send was just you know one of those guys who just felt is big. Football club any A contribution to him. I think i should named after him. But you know this. I don't know whether we can get anything done about that. But certainly it does have an opportunity where find wanted to rebel You you've got me you as well. The problem is is that destroyed finds remember. You don't remember the wrong i. It's like the team of nineteen eighty. Two off you trust young players. If today you know name the captain a Enlisted done simone way. It probably find it difficult because you know we're not we're not people are you know we're not people who out dead all the time so pushing ourselves. We're not went on television. We don't we not not about uh stability. I find it quite interested in these days. That very few people last any vol team for comments about what's going on at the moment. Yep you know about you know. Players committee The team playing you know what you think of everything you know. So we we we. We don't need to get up. But i do read on the internet. Do see plans of Opinions out there. You know a lot younger than yet. They named still a bit more synonymous with the club. They got they voice on the on the internet. But we don't know yet. We've full by the wayside but certainly certainly a commemorative plaques i think would be the ideal thing that would be on the wall to commemorate an hour though you know that that could be. That could be something that we get done in the next few years. Because i i really do feel out of a hundred percent denison any reference to you. Know some of you guys in the two squads. You'll run really pretty much bill. Squads they did cause nineteen seventy six seventy seven season. You could argue the aston villa. Probably better than the denouncing..

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