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Jay black leads offer in depth team character. The look it out of the two teams advanced Sunday a little bit of history. In a lot of controversy is how these teams punch their ticket to Georgia. It's the first time both championship games. Go into overtime. But there may not be enough alcohol in New Orleans to help saints fans recover from this. Honestly, the guy has to be blind. The mall uproars over a clear pass interference penalty that's missed on the saints. Final drive in regulation that would have all but given New Orleans the victory. Instead the Rams rally from thirteen back to go to their first Super Bowl in seventeen years, which was the first of five rings for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick look stuff winning this league. So whenever you get one. She'll good about the patriots have is blowing their own fourteen point lead to beat the chiefs. This is the ninth AFC title for New England since two thousand one former UGA running back Sony. Michelle is a star for New England and looks forward to having a chance to shine on the biggest stage, always fun football. I played this game is fun. The patriots also have former bulldog, David Andrews and shack Mason from Georgia Tech. The Rams head coach is Sean McVay a graduate of Mira school here in Atlanta and running back Todd Gurley was star UGA along with teammate remake Wilson this falcons fan tells channel two action news. He's glad the saints won't be here. In the food. The black and gold is not going to reporting live with Jay black Bill Caiaccio. WSB temperature at seven oh, one twenty three degrees. I'll tell you when we go back above freezing in five minutes. I'm WSB meteorologist Kirk Mellish..

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