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And a lot of them looking for those summertime jobs. It's kind of a rite of passage. I think for, you know, teams get out there and Okay, now I'm in the job market. Let's go here, Uh, a recent Pew research study. This was about a year ago or so. A couple of years, reports that teen employment was on the downswing. But good news Birmingham market researchers said. That is quickly changing because of what we're going through here in our country. The job market for teens is very hot. Says Patrick Murphy, who is a professor and the U. A. B. Goodrich Entrepreneurship chair, he says teens in a perfect position to find jobs this year. Uh, he says, we've have the demand is so high Right now It's actually outrunning the supply of entry level positions and professionals. Professor Murphy said the lack of adult candidates for the entry level positions has businesses turning to teenagers. That makes sense. He said. These positions typical, You know, manual labor jobs like car washes and restaurants. But the need for a more advanced skill set, you know, could be coming very, very soon as well. And he says also, if this continues, he expects some of the entrepreneurial ventures. You may need programming skills and coding skills and no doubt Younger people have a much better handle on this than folks have been out there in the job market, doing other things that aren't specifically related to those types of things. And things that these younger people have. It's gonna pay off for him. He said that generation Z had these unique tech skills that make them pretty attractive to employees, along with some of the other attributes in there, and Not as cautious when it comes to covid 19, either, and not as selective when it comes to wages and what they expect to be paid. And they've been cooped up for a year and they're ready to get out and get going so teenagers looks pretty good for you. If you're looking for the summer jobs Hey, good news to untangle below is coming back to town. Not permanently. He's still the quarterback of the Dolphins, but of fun event coming up. He, uh He's got his new established to a foundation right and, uh, big event taking place at Bryant Denny Stadium on Tuesday. June 29th. The Lu while with two of them. It's going to feature a lie blue owl, including fire, knife, dancing and Polynesian food and entertainment, alive and silent auction. This is kind of cool. I like it. These Polynesian cultural center. Events are are very fun, and they've been trained. These folks are coming in in Hawaii. So this is legit. This is gonna be a lot of fun. And former Alabama football stars are also going to be taking part in the event with two a couple of youth charities. Nick's kids found by in Lebanon football coach Obviously Nick Saban and his wife, Terri in the Boys and Girls Club of West Alabama. Will benefit from the event. So, uh to foundation obviously a nonprofit and has been dedicated to support youth initiatives and health and wellness and other charitable foundations. And I think this is gonna be a lot of fun. And to a tunnel below the founder of the chairman of obviously his, uh, charitable organization says Look, I'm proud to be hosted my first ever foundation event in Tuscaloosa. So, Yeah, Mark your calendars. Come on out and hang with to it. And everybody and have a good time. Once again Tuesday, June 29th, They'll be back in T town. Yeah, I like them like that a lot. 6 26 Alabama's Morning news on the way for us. Don't forget coming up at 6 40 going to be talking about how our society is kind of upside down and overreacting on almost everything. Yeah. What stands out to Jimmy Nelson? Rather, he's the county citizens defending freedom. Member there and boy, I'll tell you we are going in such an over reaction direction these days. Right so more on that coming up at 6 40 traffic and weather together. Bottom of the hour news with Liam and Fox coming up here in just about three minutes. Alabama's morning news. I'm Tony Goldwyn 20 years ago, when.

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