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And certainly that first year in the nfl. I think he is. I think you're gonna see some really unique stuff with what they do in the run game now i think they have the big people upfront when he took over. It was a complete overhaul from what jim moret had. And obviously there. It's been a lot of growing pains there. I think the biggest difference with this. Ucla program compared to what he had at oregon remember. He jumped in with mike belotti. At first he was he was the offense corner then he took over the program but they had they had recruited a lot of speed there I have a couple of guys who can really run caz allen can fly but he's a receiver but in terms of you. Don't see like a little. Michael james. The anthony thomas kind of factor in this offense I think that's different for them. They are going to to really try to get you off balance and get your head spin it and then bludgeoned you With physicality which is different really than what you saw. The oregon which was everything was so fast. I mean he's got his line about how you know back. When he was at oregon they had they went really fast and they had fancy uniforms and shiny helmets and now pretty much. Everybody else has those options to i. Think the thing that you're gonna see with him and he's actually been innovator. I think in a lot of ways in preparation mean. He's one of the reasons why people all throughout football notches in college football changed. They're they're basically weekly practice. Scheduled get athletes ready for game day. I think so. There's a lot of stuff that he probably deserves credit for that. You know. maybe it's lost as people just think about. Oh he made everybody go fast and he talks fast and all that stuff i think. There's a lot of rankles you're going to see now that he has a lot of pieces he can work within a lotta guys who they have a lot of buying experience and what. He's looking for the quarterback who has the most pressure this year's who That's a good question. I mean i think you know he joking talked about about bryce young a minute ago. I think there's a lot of pressure on him because the expectation is so high From me it when you're talking about alabama what's different. This year is sark was great with like. I did a story a couple a week ago for the athletic about the evolution of the alabama offense. And there's been so many different hands in it in so many different coaches have come and gone there and made their little adaptations. I think bill. O'brien people remember him. Obviously from when he was the head coach at penn state and surly what he did in the nfl but sark is a big shoes to replace because sark was as good coaching. The quarterbacks is anybody who's come through in tuscaloosa and i think what's unique there is. You're you're not just gotta replace sark. We got to replace mack. Jones used to replace five first round picks on that offense. And so jon met. She's a really good receiver. But the receiving room at ohio state had been. I'm sorry to receive Alabama edmund off the charts in the last couple of years really in the last decade. I still think there's talent but people are going to expect bryce young to go in there and just tear it up and he might is. He's really highly regarded kid out of southern california. But the bar is incredibly high there at alabama just because no matter who's been there it's kept getting better. It's going to be hard to better than what they were last year. Even as good. I think you're going to the lsu ucla game but if you could go to one other game this weekend which one would have been a demand. There's great choices I love the match up. In in penn state penn state going out wisconsin. I think indiana you is iowa's really fun game to me though you gotta go with the top five matchup and it's like what happens in charlotte with with clemson and georgia got so many five star guys on the field I think expectations for national title is big especially with with georgia. Bhavan done it. It's been a long long time since i wanna national title. They have all these five star. Guys agnes a lot of hype around. J. t. daniels and you know i wanna see it. I mean because it's not like they're schedule on either side is is loaded. This is the heavyweight match up out of the gate. this is also the only ranked team right now. That clemson is is set up to play in the regular season. So you don't stub your toe here or anything like that. But i i think what you have are two teams that are really really loaded with big athletic dudes in the front seven especially on the d. lines and i think i would expect a really low scoring physical game with them and to me. It's like how welcome georgia run the football. Because they're down three five star athletes in a tight end receiver and for this match up in. That's going to be hard to put on. Jt daniels ethic bruce feldman fox sports reporter he'll be covering lsu and ucla. That'll be eight thirty eastern saturday night at the rose bowl. How would you sum up the off season for college. Football chaotic Dan the to me. It was such a bombshell when it came out and it came out basically the the week of of big ten media days here that all of a sudden whoa taxes. And oh you're going to bolt from the big twelve to go to the sec. To me would so crazy about that in a subplot in this is there's been all that talk about College football playoff expansion and there was a working group with with basically four people. The ad of notre dame the mountain west commissioner as well as baubles from the big twelve and anna. Greg sankey from the sec. The fact that this was they were having these meetings in all this discussion in a while it was going on greg. Sankey was basically gutting. The big twelve in. Bob dole's b.'s. League is kind of really mind-blowing business stuff in in terms of that and how it really Rocked the big twelve and again. I talked to some eighties in the league that we were like. This is the most stable. We felt like we've been in a decade all of a sudden now. You're two brands. That really are the ones that the tv networks care about the other ones. They don't rate it's the two that are great sankey in the sec. are taking away. I mean not created a lot. Lotta dominoes that are still affecting right now. We think the the big twelve leftovers may Probably reach out to byu and houston and cincinnati and ucf and so that has a domino effect to me. That's a big part of it the. Nfl is certainly story with now. We've gotten used to players posing for pictures with cars. They just got and it's all legal. I mean that's another like whoa moment that. Where are we at in. Twenty twenty one. We've come a long way good to check in with you. Bruce should be fun this year. Certainly a whole lot different than a year ago. At this time we didn't know what was happening with the big ten or the pac twelve and now we have doubts about the future of the big twelve or at least the artist formerly known as but it should be fun. Thanks for joining us bruce. We appreciate it always a pleasure. Dan thanks for having me. Bruce feldman fox sports reporter college football writer for the you go back last year and it was just crazy and it felt like it was day by day and then when we got into the schedule it was week to week or they're going to be able to play. Where are they going to be able to play. They can't play. Are they gonna make that game up. And i got the information last year and my source said big. Ten's not gonna play. And.

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