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You see what it said, right below? Where he signed his name. Yeah. Cuz they, they put the contract of $7. Yeah, Finn Balor. Well, Paul Heyman brought that up after the break and he was like, it's been about his name on the contract and there's John Cena's name and then he got her P. Pretty sure that he was backwards like a seven year old when I bought my house last month, Andrew raced in. Yeah, and like went to like Irish whip me into the wall so he can sign it cuz then he don't the house, right? But I reversed it. Thank God. So quickly, jumped down, I signed my name that he then he power upon me through the table, right? But I signed it. You signed it so we couldn't, it's official. Yes, it's right off. There's the the contract you have it in your hand, I do. But Joe, I have to tell you that that contract does say Fasano. Yeah, but that's not the correct contract. That was a forgery. What's a contract? I have the dog. Contract in my hand what and it says, Andrew quesada, owns the house but Joe pezzano still has to pay for it. So there you go. What word. That's our contracts work. That's how they were packaged Inception, what's that? You're going to cross out and your name and writing samples and now you're on the house contracts and now Andrew has to pay for it off and seen. So guys, not sound new, homeowner do contracts work for all of, you know, on attorney friends. Yeah, this is how they do contracts. Yeah. So if you say, you know, someone that you hate and they're like, hey going to go sign the papers for the house today. Just show up, beat them up and sign your name Bloom announced team said. Is that legal? Then Paul Heyman explains that's not legal and then Adam Pearce says that's good enough for me. And then the bill says that Roman Reigns will defend the championship against John Cena SummerSlam like dead Would happen. Yeah like fuck Finn Balor. Fuck him. Watch Finn Balor went from the main event of SummerSlam to fighting Corbett next week on Smackdown. Oh wow. Yeah. Yeah. When can I go back 10 minutes? After. You said it'd be different. This time they're losing the Corbin. I'm what next song? Biggie Cesaro and King Nakamura vs. Apollo Crews Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler. I do have seen this sure. Well the live crowd last week saw this match? Well they were playing the concert matches when they were like, oh no, we're in the rolling loud, music festival and yeah. Yeah. So they did this Nakamura wasn't even wearing the crown. Yeah, packet. He's he's, he just became the king. That's done like a month ago over them. They'll call him King Nakamura but no Crown, No More. Kings say, he lost his crown, couldn't find it and Commander. Yep. Is attacked Ric boobs for playing the guitar and the Nakamura head cruise with the Kinshasa for the win. Oh, he pinned. The I see champ, oh my God, that means nothing. Well, now see, might get a title shot. Sure, of something the other tag team match. Yeah, so, but yeah, I see champ gets pinned as he always does always, you know, even in a singles match. Next up, Edge comes out. You think Fireworks off? And we go to commercial. Oh, when we come back, Seth Rollins is standing in the ring because he attacked Edge from behind during the commercial break and hit him in the head with a TV Camera. V or hours of WWE programming. Yeah. In one week over two shows and they can't show us Seth Rollins hitting him with the camera line, right? What they found clearly. Some sort of like ploy to trick the audience, like, oh you missed it cuz you're watching commercials when I was during the commercial during the commercials. Yeah, so I don't know. Yeah, like it's dead. I'm trying to trick you like, don't ever don't ever change the channel, never change. Everything could happen. No Rollins or miss it. Rollin says, if I can't be the universal Champion that neither can Edge and the crowd chanting, we want Becky the whole time and hoping that he'll go home and tell Becky, they want you, they, they want you. All right? You want your right? Then. The main event of SmackDown. We have Sasha Banks and Bianca a vs Carmella and Zelena vague Bel Air pres is Sasha over her head and throws her onto both of the women and then Sasha mix Carmelo tap to the bank. Statement Vegas oh and five now I think has been back. Welcome back, Vega welcome back after the match Bank, symbol are celebrate together. We go. And then of course the inevitable happens. Name is Bianca. A backstabber and a turn that everybody saw coming course literally everyone. So that's why you shouldn't have waited. You should just done it right away. Yeah she gives her some punches or tornado DDT off. Like a rope and then make smell are tap to the bank statement. Then she holds up the smackdown Women's Championship and then they tell her note that we still got thirty seconds left. So then she puts her in the bank statement again to end the show. Yeah off Sasha's back. You know this is our Summer Slam match it certainly better than Carmella again or even Vega cuz you know she's going to lose at least with Sasha you think there's clearly a chance. She can win it back. Yeah yeah. But we have to re match WrestleMania she leaves and she comes back in immediately rematch. You actually, this is the first time at WrestleMania. Rematch has been at SummerSlam. Yeah. Seth Rollins. Brock Lesnar off Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar. Yeah, I do this all the time. Yeah, it's fair. I mean, you know, they had a, they had a really good match. I don't mind seeing this again, I do don't give me a rematch at a bank for. Oh yeah the next big football. 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