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Channel actress Laurie Laughlin is among nearly three dozen parents charged with being called the largest college emission scandal. The US Laughlin is charged with felony conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud in connection to an alleged scam and what she's accused of paying a half million dollars to fake athletic achievement. So her daughter would be accepted to the university of southern California's rowing crew since the scandal broke, a past social media posts has come back to haunt her daughter Olivia, Jay. Of like game days partying care about school. Warmer, desperate. Housewives star Felicity Huffman is also charged with paying to cheat on her daughters SAT test. Jim Roope, Los Angeles. UCLA soccer couch, and multiple USC employees are among the nearly fifty people accused it alleged nationwide, college admissions bribery scheme. And the man is facing murder charges after young girl's body was found stuffed in a duffel bag. Emil hunt is the boyfriend of the girl's mother in his serve time behind bars for abusing his own son in the past. He was charged today with her death. And if you back in court next month, the girl's mother is a registered sex offender costed for getting young girls into prostitution. There's a measles scare at the Los Angeles International airport, LA county health officials are confirming one case of measles that came from a traveller arriving from China Suman Radha Krishna is an infectious disease physician. She says this is extremely troubling. Because measles is preventable with vaccines worse than helpless because there's something you can do about it. And we're not doing enough James. Rowe Haas KABC news and a Wildflower explosion about two hours outside of Los Angeles. Has everyone searching for the perfect social media post. Hundreds of pictures are popping up on Instagram with people sitting in the middle of what seems to be acres and acres of wildflowers. The bountiful blooms are because of the recent rains around Borrego springs. Some social media influencers are hosting photo shoot complete with products. They're trying to get you to buy in the parents of a third grade. Student are suing the LA USD alleging their son was told by his teacher to urinate into a garbage bag in front of the class. And by another teacher to wear a garbage bag Sonia Mongol, says her son has been traumatized by the incident, which she says happened last November and talks about it. He's he's still doesn't know why he wonders why this happened in wanted teacher punish him for having an accident. And why he was placed by two different teachers and one day the family's attorney Tony horror Mia says the school is not responding. No one beached out. I mean, this is all over the new people are talking about communities are talking about it. And so I would expect that there would be a call. They know where to reach me, they know where to reach his parents, Sonia Mongolian, Tony horror. Mea were guests on the morning drive. I'm Jeff whittle KABC news KABC sports the Lakers. Trouble bowl. Sara lee. The clippers are up against Portland later on. Tonight, the ducks take on the predators tonight as well. So Cal weather tight mostly clear. Low around fifty.

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