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Maybe five. I mean it's pretty. There's a movie movie. It's not like a best picture movie which is like I don't really have but I mean like for an action movie but this is what I appreciate a good action movies when it has a lot of narrative in depth and then there's what I what I always like a good film misunderstandings. There's actually a really liked I. Pirates of the Caribbean. It's all giant misunderstanding. There's no bad guy in A. Yeah it's just like Oh oh. Sorry donors always need a little bit of blood. You find this one. It's I don't WanNa be king and he's like you should be king because I should be king and then he's going home. I WANNA lose kills family. And it's just like it goes down this path or like it had only people had you know text messaging or any sort of communication. Talk to your fellow people but now this this movie is Great. Love IT Y- Fan. I love gladiator to that was a good pick. That's that's one that I've seen a ton too was pitched elise. Yeah time travel's gladiator to really. Yeah oh I had never heard of that. Gladiator t t o and then followed by Twa. Gladiator or I have a weird movie on my list. But it's one that I've seen a bunch and it's Thirst Park Chan Wook Over Empire movie. Yeah it came out around like I don't know two thousand nine or ten or nine. I guess and I saw in theatres James and I went to see it And like really really liked it but then it was just kind of thing we're like I would be at home in the movie network or whatever and I'd be like I put this on again and like it's A. It's kind of hard movie to watch in places but I don't know there's something about that. Compared to other movies I was like. This isn't hard for me to watch. No Yeah it's not super digestible. I also love King Hassan. What is the plot of this movie if you've talked about it before it's like a priest that's working? I think he's like working as a missionary with Different Sick People. He contracts illness himself. And then I don't want to say too much like if you haven't seen it so spoilers but like the illness that he contracts gives him like a blood lust so essentially like becoming imperial. Morpheus like thank you but like just some of the the colors and everything is kind of yeah is a love story weird way Like I don't know I used to watch it all the time. It doesn't feel like some of other par- Chadwick's movies were. That are the hard tragedies. It's just like a car barreling towards a cliff right now. There is some car cliff imagery in this movie but despite that it it it does feel more like a love story like it. It doesn't feel like the Shitty Romeo and Juliet type thing. It feels more like a love story type. Yeah but very very macab and kind of dark dark. It is the only movie like on my list. That sort of out of what you re watchable like. But I don't know for me. I was just so he's a blonde girl. I forgot her name. Should always talk about this movement. Shut up two years ago always. Hey this is another example. Thirst is another example of a movie. That has these very strange structures if you watch the the like forty five minutes to an hour and fifteen minutes it's GonNa feel like a completely different movie from the first fifty. Oh yes it just. It goes like analyst reinvent ourselves and I think that is a cool thing about all a lot of these movies yes My movie is very similar in the vein of South Korean Cinema Vampire Film Shawshank Redemption Based on the book no one read. Novella the Shawshank redemption It's a really good movie it's This is one of those moods I think got popular on. Tv like basically TNT. I think exists because of Shawshank redemption where build predominant movie like it's it's similar in that Cata Scorsese movie was just keeps moving. And it's a bunch of little vignettes and it's just mostly about two guys in prison and this was like at the height of I guess. Tin Tim Robbins is like likable. Were at the height right now. Really now yes yes. Yes I don't know Tim Robbins. This is the age of Tim Robbins. I thought it was after. What was that movie? Where's the terrorists? Oh or Arlington road. Anyone seeing that one now. Let's talk about Shawshank. Redemption movie shouldn't be re watchable. Yeah it's weird. It's it's funny 'cause I grew up watching on TV. I feel like a lot of people did where he was just on a Sunday. You just put it on and then you go. Oh one that again. And then you rent it and just keep watching it Just did not grow up watching it and I always like is one of my movies. All the time said why. Why do you like those movies? It's like the whole time but it's good but you see the heart you see the true humanity. It takes something where people don't think of them as human and it shows the humanity of that place now and it can only do that by being as long as it is covering as much ground with the characters as it does and it just shows it from every angle. That's I think what makes it amaze- yeah I've Seen Green Mile probably more times than you really need to watch that movie in there because it does have hard moments to watch in it like Michael. Clark Duncan is just heartbreaking in it but there's something about it where you're like man. I want to watch this. Nancy is I'm director. Do I have seen this film. Nice Girl Lebron partying. You would not watch part when they're tar on the roof and then they drink beer on a hot day and he goes along.

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