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And I'll still keep the mask in every pocket anyway. It is 8 54, and that's time for real time. Traffic Here is Chris Sullivan. And we continue to see the heaviest slowing center right around the rent an area by far. The heaviest part of this is the ripple effect. The North found 167 drive backed up for two miles now from before the Valley Medical Center as you try to make your way up north, um 167 and tie into the rent and s curves in 405. The reason this crash is still over on the right hand shoulder on four or five north beyond before you get to the Maple Valley Highway exit, so it is stacked up to four or five corridor is all the way back before. 167 So both of those drives are running behind 10 minutes on the Valley Freeway. We bumped back up to 20 minutes from Auburn to Renton. And then the rent of the Bellevue Drive is still at about 33 minutes. As you work your way through the slowing there. The rest of the map is great. Despite some of the light rain we have out there. Everything seems to be going along pretty good 30 minutes from Olympia to Tacoma. About 37 from federal way to Seattle still have some slowing at the North end and then ever to Bellevue ever to Seattle. Both of those drives are chugging along right where they should be. 30 minutes, So all in all, we've had a pretty good Friday, and it's just to take a little bit longer to clear things out there and rented car radio. Real time traffic on the threes. I'm Chris Sullivan. Still light rain. Most of it again is from Seattle West, and that moves in over the weekend, so we will have a fairly wet actually, Most of the witness seems to be scheduled for Sunday..

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