Rowley, Google, E. U. discussed on AP News Radio


Data collection for the 2020 census is ending Rowley the census bureau says door knocking in the ability of households to respond to the questionnaire will stop at the end of September a month earlier than planned the bureau says it's making the move to meet and ended the year deadline to submit the numbers used to redraw congressional districts the change concerns researchers politicians and civil rights activists who believe the data collection process will miss hard to count communities including minorities and immigrants and produce less trustworthy data I'm my company European Union regulators say the opening an in depth investigation into tech giant Google's plan to buy fitness tracking device maker Fitbit the E. U.'s concerned the Fitbit deal with entrenched Google's position in the online market by increasing the already vast amount of data that the company could use to personalize ads its probe aims to ensure the control by Google the such data collected through wearable devices does not distort competition the E. U. worries that such an advantage would raise barriers for rivals to match Google's online services well the probe on the schools the E. U.'s role in global efforts to regulate big tech I'm Charles the last month

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