President Trump, Breitbart, Steve Bennett discussed on The Daily - Special Edition: The Fall of Steve Bannon


To that point do the president and steve bannon like each other did trump in other words just have to do this kind of against his will does he actually still quite admire and legacy he was ready to get rid abandoned but i think he fears ban and a little bit um and he is certainly aware of the damage the bannon can do from the outside and tell me a little bit about that look i mean you know steve now can stoke up breitbart dot com the the website that he ran until he joined the trump campaign which has taken the lead in attacking a lot of key administration officials including jared kushner ivanka trump um he can spread all kinds of whatever it's not clear how much he knows about what has gone on over the last seven months remember this is white house that is under active investigation okay so i wanna take on this fear that you just raised in a couple different parts starting with breitbart on friday afternoon after the news was announced that steve bennett was leaving the white house a breitbart editor treated a single word war what does that tell you well it tells me that there are all looking to turn demanded into a martyr and try to rally their base literally in support of him i don't really know what war looks like it's not exactly like that site as genteel on most days so i don't know how different this is gonna low right but i think that they are at least temporarily threatening to ratchet up the pressure against gary cohan against jared kushner reports generally supportive of the president right and the idea that it might turn on the president fuels really still kind of not radical but really expected.

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