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To put a grand in your hand, right? The keyword this hour is budget B u D g E T. Just go to our website and enter that word budget and you're in the hunt to win that $1000. Oh, yeah, We've got 12 chances for you to win. You know, every day is in fact another word coming up. Just before seven o'clock this morning. Well, you A B said goodbye to Legion field this past Saturday was there spring game. It's the last one is to get ready for the new stadium. The white team defeated the green Team six. Oh, that means the defense. Stood out in all of this coach, Clark said. Today was all about getting ready for a lot of guys and they accomplished that. We limited the offense. I thought our defense showed that they're capable of doing great things. Eyes eyes I was in the locker room coach said that Was thinking about all the great memories. They've had their and I'm sure you know. Ah, lot of folks here have been the Legion field. Maybe you've been there to a bunch of times and what great memories I remember back in the eighties. When Alabama and Penn State were playing there. And body mind was on the Penn State squad, Buddy Minds, brother and Judy and I were there with some friends. And I mean that was bear was still coaching, too at that time. And some great memories. Aaron and later you know is we got married and had kids, You know, high school football playoff games were there on watching Michael there it leads and feel that that was great times. Um Then they moved the games to obviously the Alabama and Auburn fields and You know the S E. C Championship games have now moved as well. But the Iron Bowl? Um, man, just fantastic memories that legion field the old gray lady eyes. No plans to tear down factors spending money on it, So it looks like they're going to continue to do that. But Lots of lots of fans there at Saturday's game, hundreds of fans were there. Watch the blade places play their final game, coach, Clark said. It's kind of bittersweet. You know where we're leaving this incredibly legendary stadium. We're going to this fantastic new stadiums. So, yeah, pluses and minuses that but you may be his final spring game over the weekend. Also over the weekend, the Masters as we know we have the first Japanese golfer to win the Masters. I Danke Matsuyama made himself quite Ah, legendary. At 10 under And he had an incredible round and no doubt about that. I thought it might get a little closer towards the end there as andr shuffle was just playing lights out as well and climbing and getting closer and closer. As they went through 17 and 18. But I'm was it 16 or 17, where he had a triple bogey, knocked the ball in the water, and then they just that was it. But also look out now will's Allah Taurus? 24 years old. He was making a run at it as well. He finished second at nine under. And no doubt we're gonna be hearing from Wells Allah Taurus. He was the thin blond kid. But man, he was playing good. But congratulations to hide a key Matsuyama who did a fantastic job got the green jacket and always the Masters. I mean, just historical fun. 6 38. Alabama's Morning News. Dave Ray's going to join us now. Just about three minutes after traffic and weather together. As we take a look and see what's happening at the border. And I talked with one of the residents in Arizona this past week. And you know these illegals just coming up on people's property. And you know it. Z, not a populated neighborhood. There's you know, a lot of distance between these These farms in these ranches in these families, and it's just non stop now that Biden's in the White House and we're gonna have the updates with Dave Ray coming up traffic and weather together next stay here. Hey, we get it. You don't want to be hearing a progressive commercial right now. So let us tell you something You do want to hear you are intelligent. You make all the right.

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