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And officials headed to the summer Olympics and Paralympic Games this year, will be offered the visor vaccine prior to the Games. Opening ceremonies in July. It is the latest effort to assure locals in Tokyo, Japan that the games will be safe. Much of the area is currently on lockdown, and a majority of Japanese citizens continue to insist the Olympics should be canceled. Peaking at just about the right time shot. Good MacAvoy Top corner. Bruins blank The Rangers at the Garden. A late rally by the Red Sox at Fenway steals a wind from the lowly Tigers and it's Celtics Bulls in Chicago tonight. 603. Let's check the roadways. Now we check traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. So let's begin. Shall we with the Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes? Laurie Grandi is here. Good morning Glory. Hey, Good morning to you, Jeff. And Good morning, everybody. We are looking at a pretty good ride out there so far as far as the road conditions they're great. The sky is beautiful. We do have a couple of delays to get through the north on expressways. One of them. We just had a crash cleared. It was right that Morrissey Boulevard and Traffic did Gemma quickly from Adams Street to that point, and but that's cleared out of there. They cleared it like immediately, which is wonderful. Things continue to increase is well on 93 north down there from Logan Express to the split in Braintree. And the lever connector. Also getting heavier, but still moving. Okay, getting out the Storrow drive, See how Route One is moving with Krista Neck and the WBC news radio traffic copter. Good morning, Lori. And things are looking good out of Newburyport. This morning, Everyone South bound heading down through rally Ipswich, Topsfield. No problems at the fern craft that is the jug Handle lights and Peabody one light cycle. If it's red when you get past that, and no issues beyond that, at least for now, heading down for Chelsea. Mr Doctor, The WBC news radio traffic copter. Alright. Thanks, Kristen. We do still have that left lane War crew. Late working work grew up. They were there overnight as well. In Hopkinton eastbound on the Mass pike right by route 4 95. Ori granted WBC's traffic on.

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