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Hazel held. Her estate moving into collect the half million dollar note. SHOULD ANYTHING HAPPEN TO? You know you can never pay? They might as well ask for the move. You knew from the first that you'd have to cross this bridge someday, justice. You knew you'd have to eliminate John Warr. Somehow some way. You have to get your hands on that note. It's something to think about. Something to keep your mind spinning all night and then. The Devil. Necessary Eddie. Yes. Our instead what? You didn't answer his phone, so I went down there I opened. The door was full gas to call a doctor late them saying now, Mr Warren must have got cold during the night got up to turn on the guess, but it was in a fog and went back to bed without lightning. Tough, boss! Yeah. Very calm and it's all over his own good sheriff's. Like that just like. A good gambler. Tom. You play pretty tough yourself. I've got a couple of high cards. But I'm afraid I'm a little over-cautious. DISC? Tomorrow. I think we ought to talk about that note. Cards. You played with an eighth. My Luck Sheriff said. It was an old call. One Deny it is John. Oh Man I interrupting post-mortems, there's no time for flippancy, doctor, Hazel and I lost a good friend last night I'm sorry I should have known how deeply grieve you. Look so well Hazel, better in my life I, don't think you should play now. Let's not go through that again, your. Delivery, for months you system is if you keep up with this nonsense sleeping tab. Glad you mentioned that Dr I'm out of sleeping. Tablets bring come over tonight. Will you please? Don't you understand as the but listen to? I'm going back to dress doctor I. Expect you in an hour well. I'll bring you one seven. That's all just one. Well time the picture has changed. You wonder what's your mind why she wants to talk about the note one thing is certain must have it there with her, and it would be just like you toss A. Drawer and there's only one way you'll ever be safe time. You've got to get your hands on that note and destroy it. Yes smart enough to realize that this is a good bet to that. It'll be a long time before you're dealt and other hand like this one. But it's blind that. One thing that changed the odds completely the thing that made your whole plan so ridiculously pewter took.

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