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I'm Amy poll. The investigation into the mysterious explosions around the north west Phoenix area continues is police say they've been investigating the loud explosions since October we recorded over one hundred and fifty calls not all of them have been for explosion type noises. Some of them have been labeled check Welfare's. Some of them have been labeled loud party, loud noise. Fireworks? Police sergeant Armanda carbohydrate says they don't believe this has anything to do with utility companies. And that's the sound of participants at the women's March that took place in downtown Phoenix Saturday, the mile long, March started and ended at the state capital. Speakers and performers representing groups like women from the Muslim community woman with disabilities. And from the LGBTQ community will be attending the March also took place in Washington, DC and New York, America Maricopa County. Sheriff Paul Penzone has a help wanted sign sign sign out for any federal employees who may be looking into changing careers. The sheriff's office is looking to hire three hundred detention officers at least one hundred deputies and one hundred and fifty billion staffers. Penzone says the sheriff's office is a great place to work or trying to create an environment. Where people feel that their life has purpose of their job purpose in the third by serving others in this capacity. Also worked and you can do you can find out more at M C S O dot org. A year olds gust man was arrested Friday night after Gilbert police say he hit an. Officer who was on his bike police say the officer tried to pull the man over after he was driving reckless near Gilbert, Elliot road. The officer had no serious injuries. That driver.

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