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That's fine. You do captain knee all stages but back to Ventas. This was a fantastic game. Right. Can we discuss the fact that man's Cousy out, and they decided to pay for to you with Douglas cost dusky on the wings and one was like, okay? This is Douglas close to dispose goal. You know, Emory Chan came through deep onto rubber phenomenal in between midfield and attack. Would you think about the team playing better a little bit now? Into a win cable. Like. Improved. Yeah. Okay. Because they were going through the awkward mid jump era. Ventoux FASt like the the thing. That's interesting. But it's interesting to me at least Douglas his name on the scoresheet reminds us the Doug exists. I because I if you look the five games said, yeah, he's had injuries heal. So obviously spotted somebody suspended four games, which is a credit thing to but long season. No. And there are other good wingers on this team. Shut down to. But but nevertheless, nevertheless guy who lost season had double figures for assists. I thinking might even been top area. This is my party role in. That's all he was near the top. Anyway. And and he hasn't had any even now it's not saying that he's going to replace the guys you'll talk my guy because I agree. I think in the end when everyone's healthy Allegra default is going to go back to full three Zuko on the left. And that's that's exactly the point. I'm getting at is that he's an option which thus far this season. We haven't seen a lot of the you could almost forget event is have this player in there. Also who potentially makes them a lot more creative and interesting going forward, which we criticize them for is having enough creativity. Sometimes. Hug me said that I never point what you mean just he's just some guy who it's like what? Okay. Okay. Species. Yes, that's exactly what he's around. So he runs runs with the ball. And he'll see like position up stickle, man. Just I've Steve stivers. I'm to open space shoot. He's I love that about him. It's like the way that he just weaves across finding all the empty spaces. And then shoes I still prefer Benedek to start because I'm all pro like having an Italian corps and any team. That's inside. Yeah. And Bennett just he was also fantastic in not match. But Douglas close to has something a little bit different than these games. And I would like to see more of them. I'm always keen to have man's Yukichi Bala and Renaldo as in a four three three formation. I really liked that they played four two. I want that to be an element of unpredictability. And and I think those to add to that, you know. And so for me going forward, I want to have this show me more than I love that deba- that second Gulf Emory China was what twenty eight passes to get to the goal. He's been fantastic. He was he was fantastic. So I agree with what you just said. The important thing is that if all listeners think care about this show toll. And if there are any event show fans, listen to it's nice broad Spectrum Business, you know tape on yourselves now out of love for the show to take the nickname truffle hog. I want Douglas cost to be the tr- hashtag truffle host looking the Boone. Just like. Okay. Someone finding the space. Just he said they play. Now, he feels a little bit sick. But all this year. Trap game. Would you mean is this the kind of you know, look at the schedule. You've obviously whatever there's only so many games in city. Our you can say, yeah, they could drop points here. I would have thought based on last season's performance by lots against big teams. Maybe this is one. Yeah. Now, gordon. Well, Nazi of our season had. Three inches. Ventas? Outplayed the middle. They beat them in the SuperCopa. They beat them in the I league meeting which was interim. And then the study, and I remember this guy because men you both on Twitter the time, and it was a pretty dull gate all happened in it, but lots on top. And I it something like this is the classic game inventor score in the third minute of injury time. And and you know off everyone's been trashing two minutes. And They they scored scored him. in injury. And you never forgave me for it. 'cause you jinxed. You're stupid tweet. I want you to continue the..

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