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Outside of tv ratings and merchandising and stuff like that and the contracts they are so obviously. The league is healthy but the nets this with that team and it being this easy. I don't believe it is good for the nba out of the teams left right now. You know the hawks are the team that nobody expected to be as good as they aren and they fired their coach. Midseason aikman done an unbelievable job and you know they make a trade they bring a couple of guys in that are going to make a difference at the trade deadline and they certainly have shown that and then of course you know trae. Young is just off the charts. So that's the team like if they have won all the way they would be. You know kind of like the canadians are in the nhl right now. The islanders may be where everybody's all in and everybody's participating and it's not really about three superstars or two superstars in this case now with the nets. yeah. I detailed this last week. Some of the other super teams at how they had difficult times. You know if the necc- roll like this then it's like it doesn't feel right. It shouldn't be that easy. I mean they've they've paid one hundred and sixty about one hundred and sixty million dollars over the last two years right for two players in the nba less than that for two players and they didn't win last year because one of those players didn't play and the other one out of the bubble. Sure but they you know whatever so here. They are this year now and they still haven't won anything yet. They gotta get through this thing. But i'll tell you you watch. Kevin durant play basketball right now. It's ridiculous. yeah bill in brooklyn. What's up bill. Hey good morning guys. hey Really sad to hear the news about jim fossil but boomer and geo to get your insight You know this guy won. The nfc championship went to the super bowl. Why could he not get another job. Because i have a friend. Her husband was the associate athletic director vanderbilt. He could not get an interview there. He could not get an interview with georgia tech. He didn't get the stanford job. Why did this guy not work. is there something missing. I brought this up earlier. It is a strange one. You've seen a lotta guys get recycled that have had less success than what jim fossil had is. The head coach of the giants also brought up. Brian billick who was actually won a super bowl ad. He beat jim fossil in that super bowl in two thousand didn't get another job after that. I don't know. I don't have some guys have gruff personalities. Yeah some guys you know. Once they get to that point basically one run everything and some people that are hiring people like this are afraid of them..

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