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Couple of films. I've logged over on letterbox Josh and it's the new weird owl movie and a documentary about the influential Chicago chef Charlie trotter. You've got ozu's late spring and PTA's the master. Are you trying to make me look bad? Hey, anything can be great at him. Anything can be great. Hopefully hopefully weird Al was for you. Well, later in the show, I'll have some thoughts on weird the Al Yankovic story. The trotter Doc comes out on the 18th, so I'll get to that next week. We'll also have a review on this show of after sun, the debut feature from Scottish director Charlotte wells. It's the film that inspired this week's top 5 father, daughter, duo. So we're not going with father, daughter, movies, though they all presumably are, but we're focusing on our favorite father daughter relationships on screen. How else would you like to set up your list, Josh? Yeah, I think that's an important distinction. My number 5, for example, probably would not be included if we were doing the entire film. So I did try to focus on those relationships and I also, that still left a wealth of options, so many movies to choose from. So I tried to narrow it down by taking a little bit of a personal angle for it. As you mentioned, both dads of daughters, so I thought, what's you need about this father daughter relationship in this film that might reflect something of my own experience, just a way to winnow away from all of these great choices we had. I love that introspection, but as I looked over my potential candidates, I didn't see myself in any of these great dads. Unfortunately. Yeah, I could go there. I don't know that I see myself in all of them. I don't know that they're all great dads. That'll be interesting, too, to see if we have a list of model fathers or maybe a few misfits. That's a really good point. I think I've got at least two who start out that way or who should qualify as great fathers. After that, a little bit more complicated as these family dynamics are, you referenced it earlier. I wasn't going to bring it up. You weren't a big fan of To Kill a Mockingbird. One of our earliest sacred cow reviews, of course I am going to call this the Atticus and scout Finch, memorial list. And I think it's appropriate because nobody can really live up to saint Atticus. We got to go ahead and just set him aside as the dad we all really want to be. The problem is you've got the other side of that equation. Mary badam scout. I mean, come on, Adam, don't make me be mean to the child actors. You can refrain, Josh. I've never once watched To Kill a Mockingbird and thought that performance was a detriment. That's all I can say. Rough, rough watch. Okay. Let's dive into our list then. What's your number 5 father daughter duo? Woody and Troy from crooklyn. Now there's been a lot of talk about autobiographical movies lately. We have a bunch of them that have either just come out or are coming out in the next couple of weeks and Kirkland is probably the closest Spike Lee has come to making one. His 1994 family drama was written by him. His sister joy and his brother cinque, set in 1973, Brooklyn, in the brownstone and on the block of a busy young family, headed up by a school teacher mother, alfre woodard's Carolyn, and a musician father, delroy lindo's woody. The central figure is Zelda Harris Troy, the 9 year old girl of the family. So as I said at the top, it's really the film more about Troy's experience coming of age than specifically her relationship with her father. But their dynamic is given plenty of attention, especially near the end of the film when for reasons I'm not going to spoil in detail. Woody finds himself parenting on his own and trying to help Troy process their new reality. Everybody was wondering when he was going to break. Even clean and quiet. And he please don't make me move away. I know what my thing wants me to go along with her. Nobody's going anywhere. I love the gentleness that lindo gives to Troy here to be clear talking about saintly fathers. He isn't exactly that throughout the course of this film, we see a guy with strengths and flaws, but here he meets the moment with a softness that's maybe normally thought of as maternal and personally what I liked about crooklyn in this relationship is it does remind me of the way having daughters has encouraged me to lean into the softer side. Now I like to think I'd be the same way with sons. Maybe I would. I don't know. I don't have any, so I can't say. And to be clear, I'm sure I could be like this more often than I already am. But this scene in curricula and the tone, that lindo brings to it. It's just a nice model for what that can look like for fathers. Now Kirkland isn't a Spike Lee film that comes up a lot when people talk about his greatest. I do think it's one of his better efforts though and I would encourage people to catch up with it if they haven't seen it. It reminds me a lot Adam of Cooley high. The Chicago set film that was part of our blaxploitation marathon back in 2012, both movies see black urban life for its harsh realities, but also especially through the eyes of the children here and the teenagers in Cooley high. As a playground too, something a place to have fun and to enjoy life as well. So starting my list off here with Troy and woody from crooklyn. I love the pick. It's one that wasn't vivid in my mind because I don't think I've seen crooklyn since I was a film student and that was over 20 years ago. But I agree a very good Spike Lee film. Spike, of course, I've probably got 7 8 or 9 films ahead of it just because that's how much I love work, but crooklyn, great pick. My number 5 is Mac and Juno mcguff from Juno. And to go back to what we were saying off the top. I did weigh the extent to which the movie is about the relationship, meaning you could call these, even though I'm focusing on the pairs, you could think of these films for the most part as fundamentally father daughter films. That relationship is what's core to the movie. And that's certainly true with four of my 5 choices. So what do I mean when I say a great father daughter duo that maybe isn't core to the movie? You mentioned lady bird earlier. As much as I love that performance, it's about many things is probably even more about the mother daughter relationship than the father daughter one. Perhaps arguable, but as much as I love it, I kind of ruled lady bird out. I love royal and Margot tenenbaum from Wes Anderson's the royal tenenbaums. But again, didn't feel as central to the movie. Joe and Michelle from all that jazz. There's lots of great screen fathers and daughters, but maybe they didn't quite have enough substance or the movie didn't explore those relationships in enough detail for me to consider them. The exception then on my list is Mac and Juno. I think it's one of those films where maybe you could say the father daughter dynamic isn't so crucial to the movie, but actually try to imagine Juno without J. K. Simmons performance as Mac macguffin. Yeah, it's one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of Juno, for sure. And the role that character plays in his daughter's life as she goes through her pregnancy and adoption. I think subversive probably carries too strong a connotation, but certainly one of the reasons the movie is so good is the way Diablo Cody, the screenwriter, constantly subverts our expectations of what a high school teen pregnancy comedy should be. And the character of Mac is maybe most crucial to that. Think about every mom, dad, I'm pregnant conversation, you've ever seen play out.

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