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Order with code classroom. There's a rumor going around that classical music can be Whitey toy d. But here in the classroom, we beg to differ. Beethoven faa. Aw. Prospal music is where we have to feel restricted or we have to act a certain way, you know. That's not going to be helpful going forward shaking with excitement. I mean, there's just so many parts of the opera PS me to play his favorite spot in the first one. Browns by started using those lex mega tires. How be classical music Rockstars because there's not enough of that in this business choosing really blogging demanding to my head. I don't change my voice talking to class. I'm playing classical music now. I mean, yes, same twelve notes. That's what's so cool about it. I'm Dacia Klay a classical music newbie. And I'm trying to learn all I can about the music. Come learn with me and the classical music experts I invite in to the classical classroom. Hello everyone. Welcome to the classical classroom. I'm dish Klay. And here with me today is violinist Joshua bell. He doesn't really need an introduction. But for the sake of formality among go ahead, and do it Joshua is the music director of the British ensemble academy of Saint Martin in the fields. He's a Grammy and Avery Fisher prize winner among many many other things he's put out an album of max Brooks work called Scottish fantasy. And that's what he's going to be teaching me about today. Joshua, welcome to the classical classroom. Thanks for having me. Okay. So this is gonna sound like kind of Aleem question to ask you to begin with. But I have always wondered about the name academy of St. Martin in the fields, which is the on samba that you play with them reporting. What is up with that name mouthful? And I remember growing up listening to classical radio is a kid. My parents always headed on. And it seemed like every other recording was the kademi of. Saint Martin in the fields with sir Neville Marriner. He turn I learned later. He founded the orchestra they came up with the name. It's I don't know exactly how it came about. He he put together an orchestra when he was very young. And they started playing concerts in. I don't know how they came up with the name. It's too late to change it now because everybody knows that you get but it is about full. May not be the best aspect of the orchestra is their actual name. But I think it's one of the great orchestras around. They could they can always certain it to like an acronym. What would that be as well? SM f-. Yeah. Academy sounds a little bit. You know academic. I guess you might say which is not what comes through when you hear them play. They're really great artists. And and I'm I'm so lucky to get to be their music director. That's there year only their second music director ever. We're just kinda crazy. Well, sir, Neville Marriner. Started them as a youngster young man leading them not as a conductor with a baton, but from the violin, and he stayed with him as music for fifty some years. So I'm not going to be able to. I don't think Bill to match as his longevity in that way. So that records going to stay in the in the books for a while. I think and then and then when he finally retired at the age of ninety almost ninety I they asked me to be the music director, so great privilege. Wow ninety. That's amazing. Yeah. Well, that's conductors live along. That's why I'm starting to lean in that direction. I'm it's of. Transitioning into being a conductor or semiconductor, you might save. You know, they they do have a tendency to live very long time. Yeah. This sounds like a wise decision. So. Tell me about max Bruch. So we can kind of put this piece in context when did he live was he all that? Good stuff. Max, bro. You might not. If you're if you're new Dacosta music, you probably know Beethoven Brahms and Mozart, and maybe Bach and some few others. Brooke may not be one. You know, though, some of his pieces are as popular as anything else in classical music. One of them is the violent concerto the g minor concertos played by every violence..

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