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A dramatically different lights suggests that he was actually involved in the crime himself and was serving as the lookout for the perpetrators of the crime as opposed to this innocent eyewitness he was able to point out that basically given the phone booth he was at and where he was looking he probably couldn't even seen in the pool well hall there were all these things in the government's case that looked so different when you had a lawyer there who was able to very effectively cross examine the star witness and then make a closing argument that brought it all together for the jury so this is a perfect illustration of the point that the courtroom is governed by these very technical rules at evian evidence the star witness against him and gideon asked him have you ever been arrested and that was objected to and but but the lawyer was able to bring out well you know have you ever been convicted in the fellow said well not quite and it was you know was there was probation blah blah blah so the lawyer knew how to navigate the rules of evidence in a way that gideon didn't so the impact of this decision for criminal defendants how did it affect the the system beckley gives us a tweet to ask that how did get in v wainwright case affect the criminal justice system with regard to the sixth amendment right to speedy trial so what happened more systemically systemically what happens is that this right now becomes a nationwide right it is the the gideon case is a impetus for reforms in the federal system providing appointed counsel and creating the financial structure so that somebody can actually provide this service and make a living is a lawyer and become expert and providing criminal law you have public defenders offices that are essentially put in place after this decision you know there's there's an interesting way to that this gideon decision is related to the rest of the warren court's revolution in criminal procedure because the warren court is giving criminals new rights but the complicated new rights that you'd really need a lawyer to take advantage of so it's not clear to me that you could have had the rest of the warren court criminal procedure revolution if you didn't have gideon in place there are two kinds of fundamental rights that really are best understood the.

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