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And in fact when my colleague Kevin fracking asked the President about that in the final question of the day. That's the president cut. The briefing short snapped at him. And that's remains. They remain an incredibly defensive posture. Trying to defend trying to explain how they were so slow to move on this crisis. Even though they had warnings for months and the president's inner circle was trying to convince him to act to mobilize the federal government to do something about it and so we're looking at potentially one hundred two hundred thousand people dying and looking at projections in the best of times and the president last night once again Joe. Taking three to four hours of his top tier teams time to work on his camera. Camera time so he can go out there and get attention and deliver absolutely nothing new these people standing onstage Dr Cheek Dr Birch burks and the other members of his team standing out there for hours having to present something to the press which meant they had to prepare something for the press and it was all a complete waste of time. Quite frankly time that is being used to save lives time. That was not used last night because the president needed attention even when they're in these meetings even when they're doing their jobs away from the cameras. They're getting distracted by idiots like Peter Navarro. Navarro actually has the nerve to throw down files in front of DR ALGAE SAYING THAT. This is proven science. Said he knows what he's talking about and his yelling at Navarro lecturing are Navarro is yelling at found she also the Washington Post article. We'll talk about how these healthcare professionals who were scrambling to save our lives will be in the middle of important work. And they will get a call from jared or somebody else saying hey. Wouldn't it be great if we can have oracle helping us out with the rim of the brilliant idea about how Google is going to do things with Walmart Park? It's all nonsense. It's not working. They're not letting medical professionals and healthcare professionals do their jobs and and let's bring the US editor Financial Times. Said Liu said I want to talk to you and caddy Great Britain in a second but as we go through this time line that the Washington Post laid out AIDS are who had gone the information the beginning of January win when they were all getting together and meeting and the Intel community by January. The fifth or sixth were warning. The president's daily briefings tried for two weeks to get the president's ear. He finally got a phone call with him on the eighteenth. It was the eighteenth of January as or finally gets to talk to trump Cova nineteen but trump decides instead to talking about the pandemic which by the way he had been warned about in his daily briefings the president decides since January fifth or six the president decides instead to bright as are his. Hhs Secretary who's desperately trying to tell the president this that he's angry at him over the HHS's attempts to limit vaping because it had backfired on him politically and as I said. The president dismissed him as alarmist and the secretary was so worried that he couldn't get the president's attention that he was asking an associate. How do I get him? Pay attention to this. This is serious. Will You keep going through this this this list? And you have the president on the twenty second saying that. He's not worried at all. We have a totally under control. It's only one person from China. It's going to be fine. That's when he was in Davos. Ms Ivory Tower in Davos in January. The twenty second and then of course on the twenty third as China is completely shutting. Down Wuhan and also not cooperating with us and blocks. Us Lab from obtaining virus samples on the twenty four. Th this is when Donald Trump said January was still in January by the way friends trump offers lavish praise on China and its president saying quote. China has working very hard to contain. The Corona Virus United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency. It will work out well. In particular on behalf of the American people. I want to thank President Xi. He praises China's transparency January. The twenty four th when it is China that will not give his own administration health officials the information they need to prepare for this virus soon to become a pandemic. It's just absolute chaos. The presence in never never land for seventy days and Americans are dying this week in large part. Because we weren't prepared. I think the opportunity here to point out the difference in political systems that China's spent weeks denying virus. Penalizing people were blowing the whistle on it and then Not Sharing information key information about serums et Cetera with other countries including United States. That energy to criticize China has been completely neutralized because trump did exactly the same thing. You wasted critical weeks in denial as he. He sideline people who are blowing the whistle on this. He refused to listen to the intelligence agencies and to the federal scientists as well as sexually as are the fact that a couple of weeks after that time line that U Reading out Joe that he banned flights from China is the one thing that he keeps pointing to to say. Look in the in. The words of Sean Hannity. This is one of the greatest acts in human history. Most extraordinary pay piece of exaggeration. I've had and there's another competition in the last few weeks but in fact ban wasn't forty applied. We now know that forty thousand Americans did come from China during the month of February and March and help spread this pathogen in places like Seattle Chicago New York and elsewhere so the idea that this one flight ban the sole action in the absence of any other steps to prepare to stockpile the a reported very. Well the idea that this is is the presidential leadership that help prevent a pandemic in the United States is grotesquely wrong. America is approaching the point if the cavs continuous they'd been continuing the mortality rate. Where one in five of global deaths proven deaths to to corona virus would have taken place in the United States already. We're approaching about a quarter of all global casted infections around the United States side of the world to China. We're we're not getting those numbers in most of Asia the happening in Europe and they're happening in the United States and increasingly the United States is the epicenter of this. Hey everyone it's mainly MSNBC correspondent and host of the new podcast into America. What happens if you're one of the more than two million Americans sitting behind bars as corona by response this week I talked to a Colorado woman who is struggling to remain in contact with her incarcerated. Husband I don't know what's going on. I don't know is he? Okay is e sick. So it's like we're trying to live our lives like we normally would but how can you and Dateline NBC producer? Dan SLEPIAN TAKES US INSIDE NEW YORK. Sing Sing Correctional Facility to me. Jj Velazquez an inmate. Who describes how prison dynamics are shifting as fears of an outbreak grow? Prison is the place..

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