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Your ice you'll love it guaranteed for ten years temperature with the sun I baseball Washington tries to take three out of four from it later this weekend series of more in tonight's game to go back to SunTrust park rejoin Chris singleton who's short time ago spoke with national skipper they Martinez Friday big win last night to guarantee at least a split in the series starting pitching for you guys in the last couple weeks has been nails no matches are because the back issue Joe Ross gets the ball we know he he's had injuries the last couple of years what are realistic expectations for tonight I just want to go out there and compete you know the biggest thing for Joe is to to get ahead throw strikes but you know I slash three daughters were very impressive you know in Fresno so hopefully comes comes in the same thing so start to the season but since the end of may this nationals club has had the best record in baseball is there a a moment or a game or a series that you can point to when things sort of turned around I think if I to pick one thing train had a walk off home run and after that we kind of took off you know I really felt like the guys you know really believe that Hey they can pull this off and they feel like that there in every game and it's been that way since you're left fielder one so twenty years old budding superstar just amazing the what he's doing now and and what's ahead of in his career take us inside a little bit and and just explain what type of player what type of person he is very very mature for twenty year old understands the game is a student of the game always wants to learn always wants to get better he's one of those yeah even as a twenty year old come on a little quiet leaders you know very upbeat loves to play the game can't sit him down never once a day off so love those guys your bullpen obviously it's been ongoing concern all season long one of the you know dependable or the most dependable guy back there Sean Doolittle he pitched in ending in two thirds last night what's his availability of like tonight are you going to go out and throw no no when we come back and we'll have a conversation hopefully you know he can give us an ending I what will want to stress him out more than that but he's been he's been nails for us you know again this year so but it did ditions of someone you know run in on us were a pigeon better Rainey was come up fairly well I feel like I'm opens turn around a lot you know so I'm just excited about no one keeping Sean health in all those guys healthy maybe a couple weeks ago after one of the the big ones that you guys had Harada par who is a new addition to the team he said it on camera we will be in the post season will be in the playoffs I thought it was pretty cool pretty fun and I like when a guy makes a claim like that how are you when you when you heard that song I love the confidence I really do and you know these guys a fill in it and it's fun you know and they're they're up beat the loose and the plan every game to win and and that's all you can ask him that if I take a look tonight thank you hi Kevin back to you in the studio I sing in thank you very much Chris single Dan and Dave Marr teenager heard Dave mentioned the trade turn walk off home run that was back on June fifth in did you tell when trade Turner is in the line up for the Washington nationals they are thirty five and twenty three on the season in the score an average of five point three runs per game when trade Turner is on the bench and he doesn't blame Washington is just seventeen and twenty two and their runs per game drops to four point four six did you not graduate audible where members get even more than including the nooch audio fitness a meditation an audible originals your first audio book is free audible dot com we work our way towards first page nationals in the Braves on Sunday night baseball they have gone final surveys are being in the Los Angeles Dodgers put on an absolute clinic this afternoon if that's even go a step further Walker Buehler put on an absolute clinic seven eighty five hits all Levin strike gods of shuttle baseball the Dodgers through the nine nothing away into over the Miami Marlins meanwhile.

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