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But ona's financial records were still in france. He had no idea that he would be called to answer these specific charges and had left the financial records with his associates. Who were still trying to continue these business dealings with france. Instead dean had to cool his heels in philadelphia living at his own expense waiting for congress to continue its investigation. Meanwhile back in france. Arthur lee having successfully removed dean from europe turned his attention toward franklin. Lee continued to write to congress about how dean was guilty of all sorts of financial crimes. Penny a grown rich on embezzling government money and that his calls for a hearing were all just a bluff he also wrote that franklin was similarly guilty of wasting government funds and supporting his lavish lifestyle. Congress was still receptive to lease accusations at one point. They came within one vote of voting to recall franklin from france as well as i said lee wanted to remove both of his fellow commissioners so that he could take full control of the american delegation in france. One of dean's greatest defenders was french. Minister gerard gerard was concerned about openly supporting one political faction against another in america after all his job was to maintain good relations between france and america regardless of who was in charge philadelphia but gerard did speak with delegates when he could defending both the motivations and actions of franklin and deane in a letter to version gerard wrote quote. The stories of arthur lee are but an absurd tissue of falsehoods and sarcasm can only compromise those who have the misfortune of being obliged to have anything to do with him. Despite all this support the dean hearings dragged on by december. Dean had grown increasingly frustrated with congress. He had left europe in a hurry. Expecting to be gone only a few months he had left many matters. Incomplete and france. It even left his thirteen year old son there in the care of others after spending nine months waiting for congress to decide anything about his case he wrote a public letter outlining his situation. Attacking arthur lee and lee's political allies. And which was generally highly critical of congress this public revelation of the infighting between the american commissioners and the internal disputes within congress set off a political firestorm virginia delegate francis lightfoot lee responded in the press to defend his brother arthur lee this led to follow up articles by dean then a couple of weeks later thomas paine entered the fray pain issued a series of articles just savaging. Dean is first article primarily criticized for making the whole manor public and revealing divisions among the continental leadership. That pain believed damage the war effort and the patriot cause generally over the next few weeks and months pain published articles attacking dean for his failure to bring his financial records with him. And for what pain seemed to believe. Were unsubstantiated attacks on arthur and william lee pain strongly implied that dean was corrupt or at least hopelessly naive in the way he managed affairs in.

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