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One of the one of the the good guys you want to do good seems to apply and actually last year scored actually in the weekend from. Yeah yeah did. I want to go to the train. Toche top as well said andy field. That does one because the first song was a teams. I'd rather obvious shower then about four. What you remember always. I read a good show so the football league is now in full swing. The championship is running game. One over game. Two on saturday and we still haven't got the stadium mutes all anyway Don't know anybody know what the level is whether repairs are almost twenty years old. I can fall down after twenty years before we get the whole. The bottom of the buttons area love cop until he's not ready to companies in the soviet name of mates move at the bottom of the tilton man. My friend jane and all the rest what normally. Yeah roy okay block six. You moved to maine stunned raw. Well okay big experience just often embrace something we can do about it now with now You know it's it's a twenty year. Old saigon was fall into disrepair in such a short time that they have to close it on. Safety is crazy crazy. Although blame bob the maintenance man by the way but anyway after boards the cla went last week There was any burns. And i've known for over thirty years and of course we've both changed over. The years probably made more than him on a walk in shuki. Tom rush's greg of laptop to base kenny. When he says oh yeah well. Yeah oh yeah. I'll see you w remember me. Do you know thought this is more opportunity. I saw so many republican also question but of course any questions the end of the session yes straight on stage. The microphone kenny Thirty years ago are such an pulled on spoken to the individually abused at night tonight individuals. My son adam. He remembers the fact that he just eaten championships and peas in the ball. On you came in grub disney shook violently gonna be when you grow up. I'm true response to kenny. You've probably couldn't repay on the show. So then i've told the story of Of the game of football applied we can look many many years ago. Long story short laughing because an old bloke with me just kicked off boom boom boom straight in the back of the net and somebody. Who's just going. I know his old bloke. And then i was in ghost an smashed auden polacks and new banks in the face and all that donaldson of bricks and he picked up by a saved. Can i said it's so you've abused me. You've abused. my son is still remembered from the edge of volume of says. No i want you to the audience. The whole audience even managed to throw up all the broncos hat he was going to call you. Give me a telephone number afterwards. So hopefully we'll get kenny on his show. I'm just bleep bleep. Bleep interviewed kevin. Oh kenny burns got more teeth no than when playing and wellesley says. Thank you nicholas. The capacity is twenty thousand on subsidy things. Yes that's small. Yeah so the star so use your oversee following blues as a kid has wallo before you had to split family..

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