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Guess who's 35 years old today? Madonna's like a virgin album. That too what a release. Would spray when I would look at the cover of this and what an album my first concert, Orange County Convention Center Madonna's like a Virgin Tour opening band. Little trio that no one had heard of yet called Beastie Boys. Walker E was already in love with Madonna. But my love affair with Beastie Boys began that day on this video. She was like Grinding on a gondola, which was traversing her through the canals. Venice. There's something about that. Look, John, that black lace corset jelly bracelets. Jelly shoes turned out hair. That was, ah, hot ass. Look, I'm almost sad because, like I feel like I never got to appreciate Madonna for a sexual being. Yeah, she was always like an older woman to me. I get that Of the many pleasures of growing up during the eighties, witnessing the young sexuality of Madonna, Louise to Coney. Wasn't honor. I bought the playboy and the penthouse Madonna issues even though I knew when I bought them that I was going to be looking at her hairy armpits. That was a thing. I think the most sexual moment I've ever had regarding Madonna was when Britney Spears and her shared a little tongue at the at the V. Emma's. Yeah, that was like already on the decline. Madonna Oh, yeah, definitely definitely desperately trying to cling on toe. See, I have many sexual moments to Madonna. She was responsible for no fewer than 100 of my orgasms that I've had in my life. 100 no fewer than 100. I think my favorite It was probably that moment in the video for dress you up, or was it Papa? Don't preach where she had this black body suit that was low cut. And this one point she dances across the screen in the Chief pops her head up in which he did that the very top of her. Aurelio was on display. Oh, Oh, what is your favorite Madonna sexual moment. Call now, anyway. Hope you guys made it through the wilderness. Joey Flash did not So we're not on bone TV today. Well, not really. But we are on. They're technically not with all the bells and whistles, right? And we You know, without saying without, you know, getting yourself in trouble. You know, we've taken a Should you care to reach.

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