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Evil out there to hurt other people well going back to the bible you know it's an interesting thought is you know we we we are compelled many people are driven by selflessness and some people are driven by selfishness and that may be the defining difference between good and evil and the selfish think that they have a right to claim more them as there's and that might mean that they don't care whether somebody lives are dies as long as they got what they want it and the self list are the people out there who are gonna be the ones are gonna make the difference tom in the bronx new york thomas go ahead i i liked who were hey you dr uh there was a famous cowboy in texas and his name was part of it or pundits with them on the old time radio um they had done the series of uh of his wandering and i wondered does your family go back maybe to the to the individual like parents is my family goes back to the early seventeen hundreds in this country but i don't i've never heard that story and we're also connected to the pundits squares that you may have learned about in in genetic um but i will look into that uh because uh there have been variations of spelling and pronunciations and i would love to think that i i am because it looked like you just described so that'd be great i'll let you know thanks tom appreciated very in rock hill south carolina east of the rockies go ahead i'll tell you what what a pleasure i got to tell you i just told tommy ally i tell remours then wagner were in new orleans with ham if we went vine pick you windhoek even in new orleans and it will total lie and and i'm i'm sorry you did not meet him no event but he called me back last night after you and i tell and.

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