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The law most states allow a law enforcement agencies to sell trader destroy confiscated firearms the washington state patrol is required by law to auction or trade the guns it takes from criminals representative tan ssn has sponsored house bill one four eight three that would allow the patrol the police to destroy sees guns she says law enforcement officials in our state who say selling sees guns provides law enforcement with much needed revenue is shortsighted a water no has already occurred this weekend the cost of just one crime blows that syria out of the water and associated press investigation found police departments across washington state have sold dozens of a teens ak forty seven and other assault weapons since two thousand ten the washington state patrols most recent trade of three hundred thirty guns to a dealer in tennessee included five assault weapons microsoft has an eye on its international customers as it confronts the trump administration in an upcoming supreme court battle justices will hear arguments tuesday over whether the company as part of a drug trafficking investigation must comply with an american warrant for email stored on a server in a microsoft facility in ireland the case turns on a 1980 six law enacted long before cloud computing and data storage contained on servers around the world was an issue microsoft president and says the cases about the technology sectors need to give customers around the world confidence that they can rely on us your weather forecasts snow continues to file up in the mountains were there is a winter storm warning until seven tonight we'll continue to see on and off showers in the.

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