Nazi Government, Switz- Birkenau, Aushwitz Birkenau discussed on Kalamazoo Valley Museum Interpretive Hour


Content warning. This episode contains difficult histories and personal narratives that could be traumatic for some listeners. Content includes violence, death, genocide, and racism please be advised. History is bleak it can be very difficult to confront many things have happened that contradict the moral codes society is built over time. Some of these actions and Events Permeate in the tortured memories of many. Some have been swept under the rug to then be rediscovered and discussed but no matter the circumstances humans have been and are capable of terrible things. How do we address these issues in Contemporary Times? Interpretation serves as a means to confront and discuss these difficult histories which plagued the memories of many. Today we will explore that which we have to explore to ensure the continuation of their memorial association and public consciousness. These are the stories from our difficult past on the Kalamazoo Valley museums interpretive our. My Name is Jacob Wolf. And I'm Great Wilson. And today we're talking about just that the stories from our difficult pass. And whether they happened within the past. Fifty years or even hundreds of years ago these histories continue to be contentious. And continually explored and discussed. To. Start off today's episode, we are going to explore sites of genocide and to in particular. The first one we're going to address is the site of Switz- Birkenau. For those unfamiliar Aushwitz Birkenau was originally the site of Polish army barracks. Offshoots Birkenau at the time, but instead had a different name run by the Polish government. However in World War Two in the nineteen forties when Germany invaded Poland. The Nazi government took over this site and converted it into the largest concentration and death camp run by them. It was supposed to be the culmination of their final solution that being to wean out any non Aryan races out of the European continent and to make Lebensraum for the German people. Overall this was a integral. Part of the Holocaust which led to the deaths of millions of Jewish people. Political Prisoners Homosexuals Roma People Jehovah witnesses just to name a few of the various people marginalized and killed by the Nazi government..

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