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There's like five ways that we all wanna be loved i could point you to a blog about it on the website i can explain it to you right now so gary chapman who is a pastor priest he wrote this after work with many couples of the church don't want that turned you off because it's not all god heavy if you're not into that but what he found was there's five ways typically that everyone wants to sleep blah perceive love and typically two of them speak to us the most and our partners won't necessarily want experience love in the same way so for example here's what they are gifts so i want you to come home thinking of me and bring me my you know tiffany's box or a shirt that you are news out this shirt liquidity then there's quality time i really want us to our saturday night is our night without cell just the two of us were spending really quality time together connecting then there's acts of service you saw the my gas tank was empty and you filled it you empty the dishwasher for me you fix the lightbulb acts of service and then there's words of affirmation tommy i'm hot everyday tummy i'm in pretty i'm smart and successful and then there's physical touch okay we wanted to be touching you want to be hugging we want it's really important to us that touch so there's probably two of those that you feel you know for me it's words of affirmation and physical touch so i might be dating someone he wants gifts and quality time and if he's never touches me or tells me on hot and he might bring me barrels of gifts i would never feel love affair like literally if he didn't this has happened to me regard like did not touch me off he was just like i'm like i wanted to hug i wanted to be touching watching tv and it didn't happen so i didn't feel up with this mamie realize is.

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