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Center an area of low pressure may result in some more scattered showers and thunderstorms today there is partly to mostly cloudy with a high of ninety two an isolated thunderstorm may pop up overnight with low seventyfive that substandard showers and thunderstorms on friday with a high in the low nineties i'm meteorologist jeff marr from the weather channel on san antonio's official weather station newsradio twelve hundred w o a cloudy skies eighty two degrees one oh one at newsradio twelve hundred w why the trucker who dumped several dozen illegal immigrants in san antonio last month has confessed to his part in human trafficking geraldo kerryon faces one decade in prison on a human trafficking conspiracy charge nearly five dozen illegal immigrants in the back of his big rig and he had made it in federal court today that he knew exactly what was going on who is actually the second driver for this load the original driver who brought the load from laredo chickened out here carry on drove up took the load to an area near four ten broadway cut the locks the feds looking at his phone to find his co conspirators in laredo at the federal courthouse michael board newsradio twelve hundred w parts of houston recording eight inches of rain and that's led to too familiar sights flooding and high water rescues i am only out here in our to and i've tried and leapt on our product out every direction there's no way out some infrastructure within the city still vulnerable to flooding with repairs waiting to be paid after the devastation triggered triggered by rain from hurricane harvey last year rv dump fifty one inches of rain on houston last year eastside activists say the independence day eve decision by a city manager cheryl scully to give conditional approval to a.

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