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And cox dot com It's 3 48 traffic and weather on the aid. Steve Deal dine in the W T O P Traffic Center. On the eastern shore of the migration Home continues. Volume delays Peking earlier this hour on route 50 with still about 18 or 19, miles of Stop and go from why Mills continuously slow through Queenstown across Kent Island toward the Bay Bridge. Westbound span all three lanes remaining open, haven't at any breakdowns or crashes over the past couple of hours of three lanes remaining open. It's just a lot. Of traffic going westbound as usual on this Labor Day Monday. Once you get to Broadneck and west of Annapolis, you are good to go on 50 toward the Beltway on the Beltway through Maryland and Virginia. Traffic continues to move well vehicle fire getting cleared off the left shoulder off the outer loop in college Park. No impact. No delay 95 between the Beltway's no incidents reported in Howard County, a crash reported on Maryland route 32 just outside of Clarksville. It's going to be near Linden Church Road Traffic may be stopped or alternating on route 32 with seen South down to 70 some congestion south of I 70 and 85 toward them. Anoxia 80 Havana That is just volume. In Virginia Volume delays on 95 North found Fredericksburg into Stafford County and slow and stretches North Quantico and Dale City toward the AKA Kwan South, found remaining heavy toward would burgeon the AKA Kwan 66 eastbound slow through the work zones east of Manassas and Oakton. Westbound No delays on 66 from Washington into Virginia on 3 95 South. The crash on the outbound 14th Street bridge is now clear. Traffic brought to you by Navy Federal Credit Union proud to serve members of the armed forces, diode veterans and their families. Their members are the mission. Learn more at Navy, Federal Todd work, Dave Tilden, w T o P traffic and now the storm Team four Here is Matt Ritter, and we've got beautiful weather out there again, courtesy of high pressure that Brutus just brought..

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