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This is a this is a large podcast. Lot's of people listen to it. But ultimately, we decide you know, what we're gonna talk about this. You know, you talking about wanting to be in the NFL it just naturally lends itself to the fact that you scored a touchdown game winning a game winning touchdown in our flag football game on Tuesday. Some who say that it was this MVP caliber quarterback misery Andrew hollowing through the game winning guy on pass to me. Me. And I've heard me on the street who I it referred to as a boss touchdown. Yeah. Jason went with the very search, Charles rebound strategy. He ramped it up with two hands. And then just you know, nobody could get it. No. I went up. It was a jump ball situation. I grabbed it, and I was laying on the ground with that ball. We had our first victory. We did for I I fix Nana. First game, though. Sh all, right. Hey, here's some hype train other news, new raiders GM. Mike mayo. Who normally? Nope. Normally this time of year. Mike Mayock is talking about draft picks. Now, he is going to be talking about them. But in the context of being the new GM of the raiders, let's talk about the falcons coach. I'm sorry. We're going to have to stay here. Jason. No, no. He said Marcel eightman is Oakland's number one x wide receiver. He's also very excited about running back. Chris Warren, Jason tell us about these these players on Oakland. I am so mad at Chris Warren, the man, and he has done nothing other than be an excellent running back last year in preseason got injured and the raiders clearly liked them. They stash them on. I r the whole state is and they did they wanted him back. And now he's being talked up. Look if you're in a dynasty league, Chris Warren should be should be stashed in every format. I I held onto Chris Warren last year in our dynasty league. Al. Up until about three days ago where instead of dropping does Brian. I actually dropped Chris warn. I made a mistake. I went to rectify that mistake. I was going to go out there and grab Jordan Lasley, which another dynasty owners. If you're out there, Jordan. Lastly, just like Marcel eightman projects to be pretty much the one until free agency the draft happens. That's the Baltimore rookie from last year. But I went to bid and bring Chris Warren Beckham a team, and I was outbid you know, who got him Brooks. I have a pretty good idea. Yeah. Hint stupid and ugly and one of my best friends. All right. Yes. I picked up. Chris Warren, also picked up Marcel eightman, you you yesterday, so pay attention. Look, I've talked to a lot of people talk to Justin Boone on us by guests the other day, he takes the approach that a lot of finish the owners do don't touch an Oakland raider. I mean, you just don't want a piece of that offense. But in my opinion, doesn't matter how good that offense is if you have if you have the guys there, you know, I don't think they're going to spend the money in free agency other people think they will I don't and if Chris Warren and Marcel eight men have opportunities there in Oakland to be coached up eight men came on at the end of the year. Chris Warren has an opportunity to know Marsh, more, Sean Lynch this year. No more, Sean, listen, I say more, Sean, no, more Shen, Lynch and no Doug Martin. So Jared cook in a test the open market in free agency. If Jared cook leaves talk about a void of pass catchers in Oakland. Right. And and the throwers. What will they only have their cars? So they dare dare car had a great year. He did. It's really weird because he didn't at all. But right. And he did, you know his stats say he had a good year. Yeah. He didn't any did. But I don't think anybody out there thought, man. Derek Carr really really had a great year now including his head coach. I don't think it said coach out there. Hey, another dynasty player to pay attention to running back ITO Smith's second year running back falcons coach Dan Quinn says he's going to see a significant increase in offense of looks this season..

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