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Welcome to kiss myths and mysteries. I'm your host kit chrome all this week. We'll continue our investigation to the paranormal. Metaphysical World clairvoyants and psychics. And on Wednesday I will be interviewing a psychic and clairvoyant from the Psychic Boutique. If you have any questions you'd like me to ask contact me at Kit K. Crumb AT G MAIL DOT COM. And I'll be glad to ask them questions on your behalf. And in that vein. I thought I'd talk about universities. Colleges across the country that have huntings many universities across all of America boast a haunted building but Oregon Southern Oregon. University has several one including a missing millionaire several the structures on the so Kappa Southern Oregon University campus were built in one thousand nine hundred eighty four nine thousand nine five in that era. We'll begin our campus tour with the Swedenborg House. The white colonial style structure complete with pillars was built in nineteen four and was the home to Dr Swedenborg although it was built for Charles Chapel and for time the two families shared the residents. The doctor took in patients and it said used the basement does some more Jesse windbreaker. Millionaire philanthropist was one such patient who was eventually transferred to the new Ashland Hospital mysteriously disappeared. But that's sort of the story anyway. Daniel Schorr director of the Campus Paranormal Club States. That there was one spirit. Walk through the Swedenborg House. When he heard some sounds down in the basement several people went to investigate and felt very uncomfortable down there. They came back up locked the door. We continue the tour. He said after time those same individuals came back to unlock the door when they tried a blue arc of electricity shot off the DOORKNOB. This would be a normal. Currents with carpeted floors called static electricity however they want to do it again immediately afterwards and it happened again. The static electricity should have completely discharged the first time one staff member who were in the Plunkett Center. Lisa parcel said that everyone that had worked. There hadn't experienced something doorknobs. Jiggling doors slamming. It is said that the Susan Holmes resident's hall is the second most haunted place on campus during the nineteen forties. When under construction. The little boy drowned in the basement today. Many current residents of the hall. Say that the figure of a small boy can be seen wandering the halls looking for a towel. Perhaps it's also said that in the late nineteen seventies. A young female student hung herself after constantly. Seeing the boy and being driven to the brink of sanity now we moved to Churchill Hall built in Nineteen Twenty Six and we'll still on the campus it contained an amphitheater and a conductor's box. Paranormal activity took place. One night a set was being built. One student asked that someone turn on the overhead lights moments later. The lights came on and everyone realized that no one had broken away to turn them on. Finally we get to Stevenson Union. Billy then the bookstore there. It said that it was a place where bodies were taken from the old hospital images of men women dressed like doctors and nurses have been seen running toward the bookstore from the front of the Stevenson Union Building. Today there are still students at refused to walk the southern Oregon University campus at night. But there it is the most haunted campus in America. Here on Night Owl Sound Studio. Where it was produced will be interviewing a clairvoyant and the owner and psychic at the Psychic Boutique on Wednesday. If you have any questions you'd like me to ask contact me at Kit K. Crumb that's your you mb at And I'll ask those questions on your behalf. Well this is chrome. Thanks for listening..

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