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Speaking of that move, have you guys ever gone back and watched like the first dog Pay-per-view know. So in that pay-per-view it's Sami Zayn vs. Cesaro Sammy goes for that move. And Cesaro hits him with like the European uppercut. Yeah, it's freaking insane. Yeah, like you should really go back and watch that show had screw you. So yeah recap, yeah, we've talked about that before. Going back to the originals and doing that. Yeah, it's nice to be good on talking. I saw this on Twitter but on talking smack Owens called heyman's phone to tell him that he's going to win money in the bank and cash in on Roman, but Heyman responding. I'm sorry. You must have the wrong number and hung up on him. Yeah. That was pretty fun. Yeah, next up Sony the bill comes out to the ring cuz she has another announcement to make off the second woman from snack down. There will be new painting in this year's Money in the Bank ladder match. She is one of the most dynamic and driven WWE Superstars. Please welcome. Molina vegan cuz you said this is a surprise as he sound upset bottom, right? How about this, Michael? Yeah. Why is he upset? This is a surprise. Yeah, way to be excited. Dickhole, I didn't see this coming. Even though I'm part of the like the crew and the office and see her backstage at all. It could have been worse. It could have been. Oh my yeah but usually that's safe for returns at home. So big. It comes out and says it'll be my pleasure to grab the money in the bank contract and at the right moment. Wait until the champion is down to cash in and become the Raw SmackDown or Raw Bar NXT Women's Champion, please. So you can cash in on NXT now I guess so, wow, wow, wow, interesting, third, and oh, so let let Owen off. When it and then cash in on carrying across. Oh my God. Yeah. So can you help me out. Network bust into hypothetical nuts here off. Hypothetical nuts. Like you don't have a spank thing. They are the based. So, Liv Morgan comes out, complaining to Sonia about putting Vega and Carmel in the Money in the Bank match. But not her, especially Vega, Vega has never won a match, I think, right? So they can tell us live. I can run circles around you. I can embarrass you song slaps the shit out of Vega and now is Sonia for a match, so she can prove herself again and they even showed the slap in slow motion because it was real. Yeah, she slept the fucking shit out of her office. So we got Liv Morgan. Zelina, Vega with carmelo watching backstage, Vega, tried to win by rolling up live and pulling your tights, but the ref Cotter, but then live pulled the Vegas tights, and the rim. To see it. So live, gets the win with a rollup. Yeah, there it is. And like now that they've been it's been so obvious that they're trying to screw over lived, right? That like this whole storyline has to be setting up live to win the, by the Bank briefcase, right away. Yeah. Yes. Repeat of like Otis off from last year. Oh God. No, it's not give her a push, well. Yeah, sure. That'd be amazing. But acting like, no, you're not going to be in the match even though there's literally for women on Smackdown. Yeah, I mean, who else could be in this match, but as it seems like what they're setting up. I mean, obviously, they, they've done this before where they get the fans really excited that, you know, something's going to happen. Then it doesn't happen, right. I have two theories here. Like it could be like live. This whole thing is a setup. Live winning, or Sonia is just putting the shittiest, women in the Money in the Bank match so that you can put herself and and win. Yeah, yep. Are the shittiest? Well, she put in Vegas has never won a meth. Yeah. Carmello's sucks, you know that? Well, that's it for Smackdown. That's what she's controlling the wrong in. Have to win matches and qualify. But in SmackDown, Sony just like her her cuz it's the whole fucking over live for some reason cuz there's no one else and there's no reason why she hates Liv Morgan. Right. Right. You know there's no story there but you fucking cute. Hopefully, hopefully it is live. I don't know. I don't. Who else could it be? It can't be Oscar again. Now, I guess it could be Alexa again, can we finally get the the debt cash in them? But she doesn't really depth. No, she doesn't. Yep, she could def Alexa condenser. Yeah. It's not the depth cash and we want. She's already won the fucking thing. I'd much rather give it to live for a hundred thousand percent. I agreed backstage, Seth Rollins yells at Pearson, the bill for giving Edge a title off. Against Reigns at money, the bank have said of him. However, they tell Rollins he's facing Cesaro next week in a money, the bank qualifying match and sets seems pissed at first but then he laughs and walks away. Okay, Seth Rollins. Now, if anyone's too big to be in that fucking match, it's Seth Rollins for sure, that's ridiculous. Yeah, I used to the century the business, that money that that moment ever had the best fashion ever, ever top that ever ever ever, ever, ever never, never ever, so we'll see. Cesaro is probably going to win. I would think anyway. Yeah, backstage are no, I'm sorry, we have Otis versus Angelo Dawkins with Chad, Gable ringside. God, okay. Otis dominates and wins with a splash in the baiter bum. Okay, moving on. Pretty much. Who's so comes out of the ring and calls out Edge Edge, comes out to the stage and tells Jimmy, you're being used. Just like your brother, was like, your brother and this isn't a trip for me. It's a trap for you song. So the two of them Brawl for a bit but Edge, chokes them out and hit the spear Roman Reigns never shows up, he was never on the show, so Edge breaks a piece off from a chair and he puts it over Jim's mouth as he puts them in the crossface, just like he did the Roman at WrestleMania, right? And Jimmy Taps and Edge. Let's go. When he looks right in the camera and yells, I don't stop and how the show ends, Loco Coco, you will not stop talking. You don't stop until rain stops him, right? That money in the bank with Kick-Ass for your pin. Yeah, choke. The thing is like, you know, we're so excited to see a live show, again, we're going to go to SmackDown, then, we're going to go to Money in the Bank. Two nights later, right? Fucking live. Pay-per-view with fans again. How awesome you know, how that's going to end with Roman Reigns choking out Edge? Yeah, right. Even if that doesn't win the match, like if some bullshit happens and Edge wins by disqualification, Yeah, he'll still show a joke and just to fuck with us to end the show. They'll play Romans old music dinner like in super slow motion wage earner. Yeah, Turner. And then you know Vince will come out, Virginia has tremendous such gachette, all that. Yeah, that's in a SmackDown. When hiring gets hard, you need indeed. The job site, that makes hiring incredibly simple. Just attract interview and hire. In fact, with indeed, you can do all your hiring in one place even interviewing them helps, you hire great. People fast get started right now with a $75. Sponsored job credit to upgrade your post at blue wire. Get a $75 credit at blue wage, blue wire offer valid through September 30th, terms and conditions, apply.

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