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With our Facebook page, you can take a peek at it. The Warren Pierce show Facebook page. It is not my my Warren Pierce show. Facebook pages down. I really. It's Graham and what what's app. All right. Well, it's there for you to take a peek at when it gets back into service. In the meantime, in sports, let me up to you quickly on that is the Tigers were looking good in the top of the third inning. When they scored a couple of runs off who is it Michael Pineda for Minnesota. But then Minnesota came back with four runs you good Tyson. Ross was a starting pitcher you can't you can't give up those walks Tyson and that did him in. Although the Tigers cut it to one run lead. They wound up losing to Minnesota yesterday. Four to three Ron Gardenhire one of the problems. So far this season. Not yesterday has been the lack of hits and key hits to with the Tigers in scoring positions with frustrating for the guys the guys that are in the lineup. They maybe the, you know, trying a little bit too hard. Who knows enough to go talk to each one individually and see what their thoughts are. We're not coming up. You know enough of those big. It's we've got a couple of today. We're definitely not coming up with enough of those big hits right now. And that's you know, you end up losing ball game. Like that probably should have been our ballgame. When we had enough people out there left on base people informs to, you know, get one of those the fall down or fall in there. We would have been okay, we hit some balls run on his cruise. They made some plays on got a little unlucky that lucky one time with Jones another time he had a missile at the guy. So it goes that way. But it could have been our ballgame pretty easy. All right. We'll see what happens they'll play again in frigid, Minneapolis. They had a shovel off the snow that fell on Friday to ten is the first pitch over there in the NBA playoffs. We've got Orlando defeating Toronto one four one one. That's the match up at the pistons could have had of the didn't lose seven of their last eleven games. Something like that the clippers losing to Golden State one Twenty-one one four in the NBA playoffs. It was San Antonio over Denver one. Oh, one Ninety-six and tonight at seven o'clock in the walkie number eighth pistons playing. The number the best team in all of the NBA. They beat the pistons every time they played and that was four times. So they'll tip off tonight at seven o'clock and the question for you is a key Blake Griffin as the star of the Detroit Pistons. How's your new you gonna be able to play tonight Tom's.

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