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You're listening to queue with Tom power. There is no other way to put it. Morgan Wallen is a modern country superstar hit song. Whiskey glasses launched him into that orbit, and Morgan will tell you there's no way to prepare for fame like that. His new record looks the messy side of success. He'll tell you about striving to be more than just a headline. Plus when the Army artist Savannah Ray was just about done, making her first eep she needed one last finishing touch a song that made her truly uncomfortable. Later in the show, Savannah Ray on where she went to find the discomfort that she needed and how she and her fellow Canadians are changing the sound of RMB forever. All that and so much more coming up on cue. Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Spear. The nation's capital remains on high alert amid potential threats of violence ahead of the inauguration. NPR's Windsor Johnson reports securities at unprecedented levels from the deadly insurrection of the U. S capitol by pro Trump loyalist nearly two weeks ago. Federal authorities continue to tighten security in and around the nation's capital, expanding road closures and restricting traffic in the downtown area. The FBI continues to that members of the National Guard amid fears of potential violence ahead of the inauguration. Up to 25,000 troops are expected to be stationed throughout the city, including the areas around the U. S Capitol building by Wednesday. NPR's Windsor Johnston, FBI officials now say there hunting for a woman who they believe may have taken a laptop from the office of Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the siege of the capital, the FBI an arrest warrant charging the woman identified as Riley, June Williams with illegally entering the U. S capitol and disorderly conduct. FBI officials said. Collar claiming to be a former romantic partner of Williams said friends showed him a video for taking the laptop drive from Pelosi's. Learned his prime ear, says he is deeply concerned by reports that President Biden plans to block the Keystone XL pipeline. NPR's Jeff Brady reports. Premier Jason Kinney says the Canadian province may pursue legal action. Alberta government invested a billion and a half dollars in the pipeline last year and agreed to six billion in loan guarantees this year. The pipeline is important to the province because it would transport oil sands crude down to the Gulf Coast. Where could be sold on the world market for higher prices, But that crude has a bigger carbon footprint than just about any other kind of oil. It requires more processing. Joe Biden will inter office with an ambitious climate plan, and he's vowed to block the pipeline. Premier Kenny says in a statement that Alberta will quote use all legal avenues available to protect its interest in the project. Jeff Brady. NPR NEWS president, Trump has issued an executive order move ahead with plans to establish a national guard of American heroes. Here's NPR's Barbara Sprung President. Trump's Order builds on another executive order he signed in July. Laying out a vision for a garden to depict quote historically significant Americans with the target date for public access of 2026. It does not list a location for the park. His vision includes memorialize ng 244 Americans as statues in the Garden. The list is wide ranging. It features politicians, musicians, artists, astronauts, movie stars, philosophers, athletes and other historical figures. It includes Walt Disney, Whitney Houston, Frederick Douglass, Ronald Reagan and Christopher Columbus. But with less than two days left in Trump's terms, it's highly unlikely the garden will be realized by him or by President elect Biden. Fibrous friend. NPR NEWS. This is NPR. This is W. N. Y. C in New York. Good evening on my own. Levinson Governor Cuomo was calling on the federal government to ban travel from countries that have new strains of the coronavirus Karen DeWitt reports from Albany. Cuomo says The good news is that the post holiday surge of the virus appears to be leveling off. The bad news, though a true second wave of the virus could peek in the U. S and March has mutated forms of covert 19 have surfaced in the UK, Brazil and South Africa and are spreading to other countries. That's what we are afraid we're seeing now. A new strain, which could cause a second wave. The UK strain has been found in New York. But Cuomo says there's no evidence yet that the Brazilian our South African strains have reached the state. Activists in New York want the city's child welfare agency to be abolished because it unfairly targets black and brown families. A rally was held today in East Harlem to observe the Martin Luther King. Holiday organizer Joyce McMillan says the administration for Children's Services is more like the police than a social Service agency and the foster care system is a failure. How was that protecting a child when they're more likely to drop out of high school more likely to be teenage parents more likely to be drug addicted more likely to develop, they lived to illness. More likely to be homeless. Where's the protection? McQuillan says black families have their Children taken away and disproportionate numbers over issues that do not involve child abuse or neglect. Partly cloudy skies Tonight with love around 32 mostly sunny for tomorrow, with a high near 40 to 39 degrees, This is W N Y C a 10 06..

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